How to deal with experiences in meditation – (Bern, February 1991)

Bliss is love. When you really experience bliss you forget to control your senses. The inhibitions of the human being are of no use when you are in the presence of the Lord. You cry and you cry and you cry. They are called tears of bliss.…

Transcending mental boundaries – (Bern, February 1991)

There are no limits. You transcend all matter; you transcend all boundaries and you can become integrated with God. There is no roof to your house. Sometimes it can be very daunting for that person. Because you realise that you're in an…

How to approach meditation – (Bern, February 1991)

Don’t go into competition with anybody because that won’t do you any good at all. You’ll be frustrated. What that person experiences is for him and not for you. You will have your own experience and you hold on to it, that’s yours. Be…

The sadhanas of japa mantra, meditation & pranayama – (Bern, February 1991)

God is Love. Love is God. You will transform all your [lower] natures until you know love. Love is what you must aim to reach out to get, for it is compassion. It is understanding. It is forgiveness. It changes your whole nature to become…

The best time to meditate – (Bern, February 1991)

Don't try to meditate during the midday period. it is not a good vibration. Find a time, early hours of the morning or late in the evening. You get better results because the atmosphere is slowly steadying and calming you. 

Powers of perception – (Bern, September 1991)

Develop the power of perception. Do you know what the power of perception means? To feel how things are going your way or what is obstructing you. That was how you (human beings) were before when you were primitive, so-called primitive.

Immerse yourself in the Divine – (Bern, September 1991)

I know you are in a hurry to master yourself and the mind. To master the mind means you must get rid of your undigested thoughts. Why are they undigested? Because you have not spent time perfecting them or your actions. [Analyse] what you…

The purpose of meditation – (Bern, February 1991)

To meditate is to take control of yourself. Meditation masters your lower nature. Meditation reduces your aggression.

Doshas & lunar phases – (Kiental May 1990)

I’ll take this opportunity today to talk about the rhythms, the rhythms of the human being. Now, we always suggest to people that if they are going to meditate, it is better to meditate after midnight because the rhythm of the body is…

Learning how to say ‘No’ – (Kiental May 1990)

Imagine if everything was nice and rosy? You will never make an effort. Every person who evolves spiritually, who wants to evolve spiritually, has to do battle with the lower nature.