The purpose of meditation 

Question: How do you know when you must stop meditating?

Guru: Stop meditating? Naturally, you will stop. I’ll tell you why. Mr body is going to complain after a little time and send messages to the brain saying, “Hey, what are you doing with your body? It is aching. I can’t sit like that anymore!” You will be frozen stiff. 

Devotee: But what about the stories of people who meditate for many hours and many years.

Guru: I’ll give you a good reply. Those people who say they meditate for many hours and many years – just try to have a glimpse of their life and you will find out the truth about that meditation. If a person has meditated for years and years he will be in control of his ship. He will be calm, collected, less neurotic, self-controlled, and very, very much projecting love.

Meditation leads to self-mastery

If I were you I would say something very naughty to see whether the person is going to get angry. If the person gets angry you can say, “Go back to your meditation. And double the hours!”

To meditate is to take control of yourself. Meditation masters your lower nature. Meditation reduces your aggression.

Devotee: There might be people who put on a good face but inside they are reacting.

Guru: You’ll soon find out. You don’t have to do much. Just sit back and watch people!

People who are meditating are very quiet and composed. They are able to do things in a very orderly fashion.

You get very good results. Please believe me. That is the proof. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

The sage and the bee – a story about meditation

There was a very great sage and this great sage went to God one day and said, “My Lord, I have controlled my whole self and now I am ready to be liberated. Please come.” The Lord said, “Really?” The sage went again and again and again to the Lord and said that he had perfected his meditation and his spiritual sadhana and he was now one with the Lord.

This time he went to the Lord and said, “Why don’t you come to see me? I am there in deep meditation, one with you.” He literally twisted the arm of the Lord to come. So the Lord said, “This time I promise you I will come to see you.”

Now this man who said he was perfect in his meditation was expecting God to be like himself. He arranged himself very comfortably, sat in a perfect pose in meditation, and waited for God to come.

Instead, a bee came to him. The bee was going “Bzzzzzzzz!” around the ears of the sage and going all over the place. With every minute that the bee buzzed around, the sage was getting angrier and angrier and angrier. Just as he was about to take his hand and knock the bee out the Lord appeared before him and said, “I thought you had control of yourself?”

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