Immerse yourself in the Divine

Guru: Now everybody you talk to wants to learn meditation. These last two days I’ve been talking about [it in] general, what you should do and what you shouldn’t do, and how you can improve yourself.

I know you are in a hurry to master yourself and the mind. To master the mind means you must get rid of your undigested thoughts. Why are they undigested? Because you have not spent time perfecting them or your actions. [Analyse] what you should be doing, how you should be doing it, and be aware of the causes and effects that you set in motion in your life. You have to perfect your thoughts to digest them. 

Be where you are

In other words be where you are, not somewhere else. If you are going to eat, eat your meal, and enjoy it. When you work, work. Be where you work; perfect it. When you play, have a lot of fun and be where you are. If you make love to your partner and your mind is somewhere else you will be bumped on the head by her. Because she will say, “Good Lord, you are not here.” The same with the girls, they will say “What are you up to? You don’t know what you are doing.”

Everything has a vibration and if you are sensitive enough you will pick it up. Your job is to perfect whatever you do. Be where you are.

Be like a good postman in your life. There are pigeon holes in the Post Office and the postman collects all the letters and puts them in an orderly fashion so that he can deliver them to the right addresses. He does not want to go backwards and forwards, backward and forwards, ultimately coming to the decision that he is fed up delivering the post and it ends up in the gutter.

The mind is like that. You quickly get fed up with what you are doing if you don’t have the power to concentrate and you are not present.

A lot of you are doing a particular job, such as therapy and you are also studying. How can you absorb what you are doing? I’m going to give you a good way of etching that into your mind. Create a picture in your mind relating to that which you are trying to absorb into your system. If you are studying a particular subject, as you go from one word to another, create a picture, concentrate and develop that power of concentration as you go along.

At the end of it go back and see whether you can remember that picture. A whole picture will emerge in your mind. This picture will stay in your mind far more than if you read without any concentration as you won’t absorb anything at all.

That will enable you to study with greater success than if you just say to yourself, “Well, I’ll read.” People read, hoping to complete their whole program and achieve what they want in their examination. But half the stuff you have read you have not absorbed at all because you have not created a picture of what you are reading in your mind and assimilated it. [You haven’t said], “Ah, that statement says this. I want to create that image in my mind.” That is the power of concentration.

Worshipping God is like that. You create an impression of God, a picture of God [in your mind]. It may be Christ, Krishna, Maha Lakshmi, Saraswati, or any aspect you have chosen. Having created that picture in your mind it stays and you can concentrate on that image at any time.

You have to look at this picture [in your mind] and say you are Maha Lakshmi, you hold two lotuses and you sit in this fashion. One hand is blessing people and from the other hand money is pouring out. So you have this very clear image of Maha Lakshmi.

Then you have the image of Saraswati playing the veena. You shut your eyes and say, “I want to concentrate on the Divine Mother as Maha Lakshmi, Saraswati, Durga, or Kali. Or it might be Christ or any aspect of Krishna and you immediately bring this impression of the Divine straight into your mind. Don’t waver. Say, “I want to see Krishna, I want to see him play the flute.”

Use your powers of concentration

This power of concentration enables you to link up with the Divine through the ether. [Initially] it is play-acting on your side. Try to imagine how you can apply yourself to get the best results. When you begin to concentrate more and more and more what happens is the Divine watches you concentrating and says, “He is trying. Let me give a little bit of shakti and power.”

Then the Divine gives you a much clearer picture, not the picture you originally wanted to see because that would fade anyway. But soon that picture will become a different picture presented by the Divine to you.

In other words, you have opened your chakra, your mind’s eye and the power of that concentration will enable you to send an invitation card as a word to the Divine. It will say, “Come to me, I need you. This is the part I am playing and the concentration of relating to you, my Lord.”

You must say to yourself all the time, “I am not going to daydream. I am going to concentrate.” If you are going to daydream then stop it. Because you won’t get anywhere. You will only develop a bad habit and ultimately say to your friends, “Oh, I meditate for forty-five minutes. Oh, I meditate for one hour, two hours. Mmm, meditation.”

I want results from your meditation. I want success so that your mind is able and capable of concentration. Don’t fool yourself. You won’t fool God. You won’t fool yourself; you won’t achieve anything. You will just waste time and get involved in a bad habit.

I’ve seen people who call themselves monks. They meditate and they start with all the goodwill in the world. But if you sit back and say, “Oh, you are meditating,” after a little while you will see them (Guru does an impression of someone falling asleep and then jerking awake.)

The reason for that is the oxygen level in your bloodstream has dropped and you need to stimulate the brain. The brain needs that stimulus so that the person will be acute and active in his mind.

Pranayama helps your mind to become one-pointed

The first thing you must do, having contemplated on all the vibrations you have set in motion is to begin to improve the quality of oxygen in your bloodstream. You must do pranayama. You must do breathing exercises which are very important and that must continue whilst you are concentrating as well. 

Keep your spine straight. These are mudras. This is the way you should sit and meditate. This is a receiving posture for you to get grace for yourself and this is how you must sit. Relax and sit in a position that is comfortable so you are not conscious of your body.

Always choose a place that is only for meditation. Not a public place where you draw other people’s vibrations into your life. You are opening the chakras and if you open the chakras you become vulnerable. If there is a very strong vibration, or there is aggression, that vibration may become an impediment to your meditation. So choose a place where you want to meditate at all times and keep it exclusively for yourself.

Don’t take your friends to show where you go to meditate because they will leave a time bomb when they go. You don’t know where they have been. All the time say to yourself, “This is my special place and I do not want anybody near this place.”

If you have been out and you have come in contact with outside vibrations then have a bath or a shower, and change your clothes because all those vibrations have registered themselves in the fabric of your life. Water is a good conductor, it removes those vibrations and neutralises the effect of those vibrations. 

Prepare yourself for meditation

You must then begin to prepare yourself for meditation and if you are excited, or angry or you’ve been on the motorway or you have been involved in watching television, give time for those impulses that have been registered in the mind to quieten down – at least about half an hour.

Then slowly, sit in a posture of meditation as I have told you and chant the name of the Lord. Chanting the name of the Lord – Hari Om – or any mantra that you know that is beneficial to yourself and you like, chant it. Chant it so that it vibrates in your whole body. You must wrap that vibration around you so that it insulates you from outside influences. That is an important [thing to do] before you meditate.

Don’t go into a public place where there are groups of people trying to meditate. If you have been meditating, if you have learned meditation and are successful you will only confuse your mind because you will pick those vibrations up from the restless minds around you and it will come into your own mind and take a long time for it to digest. 

If you want to meditate in a group, choose the people you are going to meditate with, with great care. Don’t choose them because you like them but because you know they are sincere and their lifestyle is the lifestyle of a person who is evolving spiritually.

Examine it and say to yourself, “Is this person really practicing good meditation and yoga? Or are they just talking for the sake of talking?” I want to see results in the person’s lifestyle, it must change. The proof of the pudding is in its eating and the proof of good meditation and discipline will show in the face and lifestyle of an individual. All human beings are evolving but you will not continue to make the same mistakes. 

You have the capacity to change only when you are concentrating and applying it in your life.

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