Powers of perception

Devotee: When I am meditating there are thoughts and pictures passing by.  Am I daydreaming?

Guru: No. So, what is your form of meditation? The one I taught you? Yes. You will see many, many images. That is your television set, a real television set. Once you improve your vision in that television set you will never, ever want to do anything else but look through that television screen. That is my television set and that television set tells me every single thing in detail, all about life and people and all the things I have to do.

So develop that power of perception. Do you know what the power of perception means? To feel how things are going your way or what is obstructing you. That was how human beings were before when you were primitive, so-called primitive.

Now you are more primitive than before because now you have no defense mechanism. Your defense mechanism has been removed from you because your powers of perception have diminished.

Your survival when you were so-called primitive depended on how perceptive you were. Other animals would prey on you and your perception said to you, “Gosh, I must survive,” and the vista opens in your mind. This is what shakti means. Energy. 

Divine friends, if you want spirituality – I have to word this carefully because the girls and boys will be angry with me – don’t have too much sex. Don’t burn up your energy within because if you do you will be like a squeezed lemon peel; all the juices will have gone out and it will be dry. No power. You want power inside. 

You must talk it over because you may want sexual interaction but your partner may not want it so find a good ground for your relationship and say, “Let us both aspire to meditate.” 

Look at the foods that you are going to eat and say to yourself, “Is this exciting my senses? Is this making me more inclined for sex or making me more uncontrollable in my senses?” You are the best judge on that. You must have within yourself that ability to discriminate – that’s very, very important.

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