How to deal with experiences in meditation

Devotee: I would like to know about the mantras. You told [us] yesterday that there is a vibration but what happens when you don’t know exactly how to pronounce it?

Guru: Then you must catch the Guru by the throat and let him teach you! Very important and don’t let him go until he has taught you.

Don’t keep your doorbell and your telephone [on] when you start your meditation. Shut the door behind you and make sure nobody disturbs you.

Devotee: But it is very funny just to see how the body jumps.

Guru: Yes, because you have taken all the energy up to the top of your head and the power of concentration immediately is disturbed and the whole nervous system reacts to it. Instantly.

Devotee: When I realise that my concentration goes away and my mind goes back to sleep I try to recite the Gayatri mantra. 

Guru: Yeah. I know. Chant the Gayatri, it will be inside you, and it will be very helpful. Very helpful. That is why a mantra is given to a person. When the mind slowly runs away you bring it back with the chanting. That is why I went especially today chanting a mantra to each and everybody so that I give power with the mantra. So that if you listen to me it was never the same for each person. I gave everybody a different vibration of the same Divine consciousness. 

Don’t be afraid of any passing experiences

Devotee: She says she has a good concentration for quite a while and then suddenly she feels like her energy is going into the body. She gets a bit dizzy and feels like she doesn’t know what to do with this energy.

Guru: I can tell you that is exactly what I feel when I walk around. I feel I could collapse on you any time. Because the power is so intense that you feel the world is going round and you are going “Ohh!!” (Guru imitates dizziness)

Don’t worry. Hold yourself steady. If not, hold onto the chair and say, “Here we go. Never mind, never mind. Don’t be afraid. Never mind.” The reason for that is the vibration of the Divine is like a prism. Can you explain that? Like a vortex. Yep, it is spinning towards you. So when it spins to you, you also spin in that same way, and you are absorbed in that energy.

Devotee: She said that she feels then that the concentration, the energy is mainly in the body. If she should take it…

Guru: Take it up. Yes. Never mind, here I come.

Devotee: You say the Divine is approaching in…

Guru: Yeah. Now, when I am doing the Mahabhishekam or chanting there is an amazing prism that comes rotating straight into my head. That is the moment I am really worried because I could fall down if I don’t take my mind away. That is what she is experiencing. It is understandable. But don’t be afraid.

I always tell the Divine, “Never mind if I die, I am with you.” Liberation. Fearlessness.

Don’t do any meditation in public because they will think you are drunk. Yes, the chakras are there and you are lifting the energy through those chakras straight to your brain as you go along – that is what kriya yoga is.

Devotee: She asks if when the chakras are open is it possible to get some bad energy coming to you?

Guru: You won’t get the bad energies if you follow the system I told you [about.] You first chant and protect yourself with the vibration of the mantra. That is why it is necessary for you to say a prayer or a mantra [ ] in the area where you do your meditation and that enables you to be secure in your meditation. 

Devotee: She asked if a prayer will be good enough?

The power of grace

Guru: Yeah. I will talk with you when we have a long discussion. Don’t worry. Bliss is love. When you really experience bliss you forget to control your senses. The inhibitions of the human being are of no use when you are in the presence of the Lord. You cry and you cry and you cry. They are called tears of bliss. There is no means of holding back. Alright? Don’t be afraid.

Devotee: When I am meditating I see patterns and sometimes I am afraid that I will become crazy if I look at them.

Guru: No, you won’t be crazy. Those patterns are in the mind, they won’t be permanent. They will change. You will see patterns come and go and then colours come and go and very many vibrations come and go. All you do is keep on looking and they [will] all change and become a vibration inside you. Okay?

Because when grace flows you have no control. The power is there. It flows into you and you don’t know what is happening to you.

Devotee: You have answered her question.

Guru: I occasionally take shortcuts. 

Devotee: Sometimes I can hear a vibration. Very high. Is that from me or…

Guru: No, that is a vibration of energy from the Divine Mother. Then when you hear that and concentrate on that you begin to do the jitterbug.

Devotee: Do the?

Guru: Do the jitterbug! (Guru sings and dances)

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