Transcending mental boundaries 

Guru: Sometimes I come to the person again and again to move the obstacles that lay in their path. That is what it is to teach. I’m there to come to you to remove the obstacles that are there so that you can become integrated with God. That is what ‘Shakti’ means: the power and energy to override difficulties.

Devotee: I feel very good when I meditate. I feel strong and I have no fear to fall, but still, my mind is waiting and speculating about what is happening.

Guru: Don’t speculate; don’t wait. Just open the door of your mind and consciousness, and let it happen. All that you have heard people talk about should never be superimposed in your mind. That is special for those people and not for you.

Devotee: My mind is used to thinking and thinking. How can we stop it?

Guru: You know, one of the things that is happening in the mind is it’s working overtime.

Swami: Give your brain a holiday!

Guru: Give your brain a holiday. Relax. 

Devotee: It’s funny; sometimes when I think I’m too tired to meditate I just sit in front of the shrine and listen to the bhajans. I suddenly feel no walls around me.

Merge with the Divine consciousness

Guru: That is exactly what happens when the person starts to integrate with God. There are no limits. You transcend all matter; you transcend all boundaries and you can become integrated with God. There is no roof to your house. Sometimes it can be very daunting for that person. Because you realise that you’re in an amazing power, and nothing exists around you except that power. Immerse yourself in it.

Forget everything and merge with that consciousness. It’s very difficult. People are frightened; they’re worried when they come to that, but don’t worry. Just think that I am around you and helping you to pull you into that consciousness. Ok?

Devotee: It’s funny; sometimes you meditate and you think you don’t have success, and if you just sit there it comes.

Guru: It comes! It comes naturally. Yeah, yeah, absolutely.

Clear away undigested thoughts

Devotee: What is that when sometimes I have a very clear picture – clearer than reality – like washed. And sometimes it is cloudy and…

Guru: They’re the interferences.

You see, our minds are like receiving stations. If there are interferences in that receiving station or if the receiving station is in any way influenced by other vibrations then you don’t get a clear picture.

That is why contemplation is very necessary. You clear the deck so that your receiving station is [also] clear. Then you can receive the impulses, from outside from the Divine consciousness, to you very clearly without any problem.

Devotee: For me, all of these things (meditation practices) here are new. I try to concentrate. There are so many influences in my mind, so it’s a bit confusing.

Guru: No – slowly, slowly. Slowly it will change. The purpose of that is those influences that have come to penetrate your mind will slowly fade away as you give time. They will fade away because they are undigested thoughts. Most often, or possibly, you will say to yourself, “I wonder what such and such a person is doing?” So many things come flooding into the mind! But if you do your contemplation first then that will be easier for you. 

Devotee: I feel hot.

Guru: Hot? Eh. Get even hotter! And [let it] spread throughout your whole body, then you’ll understand what I feel like. You won’t need any heaters after that.

Devotee: I have a question about breath again.

Guru: Yes. You’re [finding it] difficult because you have not practiced your breathing for a long time, and you’re short of breath, and you feel insecure when you breathe. Right?

Devotee: Yes. I have to concentrate on two things: on the breath and on this point (third eye) and it brings me out of my meditation.

Guru: Well, shall we do this for you? You forget here (third eye) and you breathe first. Then you return [your focus] back here after your breath. Breathe properly. 

Devotee: I understand.

Guru: Yeah? Alright? Fine. Then slowly you can coordinate the two and bring them together.

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