Doshas & lunar phases

Guru: I’ll take this opportunity today to talk about the rhythms, the rhythms of the human being.

Now, we always suggest to people that if they are going to meditate, it is better to meditate after midnight because the rhythm of the body is changed. Before midnight you must sleep, before twelve o’clock. After that, whatever sleep you get is less than what you would get before midnight.

Now, if you go to sleep early, and you know you have to meditate, leave your alarm on and then wake up at about three o’clock in the morning and start your meditation. It is very beneficial; it will register and your mind will be active. But you must get to bed about ten o’clock if you are going to do that. The rhythm and the power and the energy changes after midnight. You will find that up to about four or five o’clock in the morning your meditation is that much better, if you can work yourself during that time to achieve your para-meditations.

After you pass about seven or eight in the morning, then up to midday it’s all right for you to meditate, but there are a lot of atmospheric interferences in the air. These would permeate through into your highly conscious mind and make it difficult for you to concentrate.

From twelve midday, until six or seven in the evening – this is the most difficult time for anybody to meditate. You will find that whatever you try to do you will be picking up all the noises and everything that happens around you. The vibrations are that much lower for you to be able to draw the energy from the universe for yourself. There is a net of interference that is spread right around the world at that time that doesn’t allow the power of the universe to penetrate, to enter you. What comes is mixed up with those other vibrations and you are most dissatisfied in your meditation.

You stick to after sunset, still better, as the night goes on – if you want to meditate at about seven o’clock in the evening – better. And if you go to a hospital and there are doctors and nurses and you ask them how do patients react during this time? ‘Oh, very ill’ – they are always waiting for a person to die who is very sick after midnight. The rhythm has changed and you are expecting problems. You will always find nurses and doctors going doing the ward-rounds late at night to see how their patients are faring because that is the time things begin to happen.

Divine friends – don’t expect your body from one day to another to be the same. The rhythms change, your desires change, your feelings change and it would be really unrealistic for you to expect everything to be exactly the same.

Now the Divine Mother also wants me to tell you that there is a rhythm in the change of the moon phases. The change of the moon phases from the dark to the new moon is different. From the new moon to the full moon is the beginning of the evolution of the human being spiritually, and even the elements will help you on that journey.

I’ll give an example; the tides in the sea change. The tides are affected by the moon phases. Not only the tides, but even the shellfish are also affected by it. And people who are very fond of eating shellfish are told not to eat shellfish during this period because the shell becomes very soft. And that is the period they change the shell.

If there is a tendency for the person to become a bit mental that is the time also; the moon phases – the person becomes a little bit high. The rhythm of the moon and the energies of the moon and the sun have got a bearing upon the human mind, though they do not realise it. If you were to look at the phases of the moon and keep a check on the rhythm of your body, you will find a decided effect upon it.

All our festivals that we arrange are from new moon to full moon. Because the mind is able to absorb the power, draw from the energy of the universe, and create a constructive atmosphere for the worship of God. It is very effective at that time for your worship. You will find whatever you do has got tremendous power, and according to our work, we never start anything until that period begins.

Also, I know, sometimes I forget what day when it is but I know immediately as soon as the new moon is coming the energy and the power in my body has just trebled. It is not only for me it is also for you. That power is easily accessible for your spiritual evolution during that period from the new moon to the full moon. Then you will find about two days after full moon slowly the energies are veiling inside you, until you come to the new moon again.

If you are proficient in black magic that is the period you will begin to function very efficiently. Because the demon doesn’t like the light; the demon likes darkness. And the rhythm is acceptable for the demon while the Divine forces are saying ‘Well I understand that you are going to have your time but I will ultimately conquer what you are doing’.

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