How to approach meditation 

Guru: The mind is amazing. When it knows that it is going to be disciplined it will put every obstacle in your path to avoid you from disciplining it. You must insist upon the mind that you are going to win and that you will take control of it and apply yourself as necessary. You will never be successful if you don’t do that because the mind will play many games to get you off that power of concentration.

Spend a little time contemplating before you start your meditation

Now I’m going to say something that is very important for you. Before you start your meditation, contemplate. What is contemplation? For you to go and make an assessment of all you have done from the moment you woke up to that moment of meditation.

Have the power within yourself to see that which you have not done perfectly. That will enable you to digest the undigested thoughts. If not, what will happen to you is that as soon as you sit down to meditate all the undigested thoughts will present themselves to your mind.

Supposing you know within yourself before you start the meditation that you have not done some things – not written a letter, or your work was not done properly. That would present itself.

The mind is like blotting paper. It absorbs everything and begins to re-present itself when you least want it to. So you must give time to the mind to re-present what has not been digested by you.

Your conscience is going to say to you, ”Hey, you didn’t do that job very well. You promised you’d do the ironing but you didn’t do that”. Your mind will tell you what has not been done and there begins a discipline for yourself.

Aim to perfect yourself

Every day, contemplate. Then you will perfect your life and begin to change your destiny. You will also have the capacity, if you’ve made a mistake, to have the courage to change it.

That is necessary for you to perfect yourself. For you then can say, “No, I was rude to that person, I was angry with that person. Next time I meet that person I’m going to have a different approach towards them.”

Your whole personality will change. You will be calm and collected. When you know there are moments when you will be stressed and aggressive you will begin to change that as well because you will know you had a vision of that in your previous contemplation. You have the power to change it yourself the next moment you meet that person. 

If you are somebody who is just going to start your meditation and have never done it before, be patient with yourself. Lots of people will come to you and say, “Oh, in my meditation I get so many experiences,” say, “Good for you!”

Don’t compete with others

Don’t go into competition with anybody because that won’t do you any good at all. You’ll be frustrated. What that person experiences is for him and not for you. You will have your own experience and you hold on to it, that’s yours.

If you don’t do that and you share your experiences I’ll tell you what you will be doing. As soon as you sit down to meditate you will think, “Oh, Jane said that I have to think that. She experienced that, so let me also experience that.”

No, no, that will be a total fantasy trip. Don’t fantasize. [For] experiences, the chakra here (points to third eye) is the best visionary eye you have. It’s the best television set [you have] and I want you to develop that.

Develop your powers of perception

I went to an optician this morning and he said to me, ”You don’t use your glasses.” I said, “No because they are no use to me.” So he said,” Why have you come to me?” I said, “I want you to examine my eyes. I’m sure something is wrong with them.”

He compared my eyes with the glasses and they were quite wrong. Then he posed the question to me, “How do you see?” I said, “Not with my eyes or glasses.” He looked at me very strangely, [as if to say] “I’ve got a real case here”.

That is true. I find I am so lazy to put on my glasses. Thank goodness because those glasses were no good. He’s given me fresh glasses and I am looking forward to looking through them. Although I can see much better from here (points at third eye). Far more acutely.

When I am looking at somebody I go over that person straight into their home. Then I know exactly how they are. I want you to develop that. You had that when you were primitive. That was your power of survival – perception. You were hyper-sensitive to protect yourself from being devoured; you had that impulse within you and you reacted.

Don’t you think that living in the modern jungle you need it more than before? You need it more because your power of perception enables you to realise what is going to happen and will enable you to protect yourself from attack.

Nobody will be able to mislead you for you will know well in advance what is going to happen. You can feel and see far more than your opponents are going to. That hyper-sensitivity is necessary and will grow.

I want you to make it your business to keep on looking from that point until you can see more, and more. Then you won’t have to say to yourself, ”I need to meditate.” You will want to look through that point.

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