The best time to meditate 

Guru: [When you meditate] all your senses are very acute and heightened. You don’t want a telephone or a doorbell to ring at that time. That will bring you down. [You don’t want] somebody in the house to come and disturb you. You must meditate quietly by yourself and give time for you to return to your body in your own time.

Create a quiet space

Translator: He says that he shakes his head during his meditation

Guru: Yes, the kundalini, the energy has gone to your brain.

You will soon find that if you keep on meditating the Divine will give you such a power, the whole body will vibrate. That is the real proof of your meditation – that you have taken your concentration to the top of your head and the kundalini has risen. It’s very powerful.

It can be dangerous if you allow somebody to disturb you. Make sure nobody comes and taps on your door and that you are there till you come out in your own time. That is one way in which you can shut the whole world away from you.

Choose a suitable time

Question: Is there a good time in the day when people can meditate? 

Guru: I think you have to find your own time – purely and simply. Don’t try to meditate during the midday period. It is not a good vibration. Find a time; early hours of the morning or late in the evening. You get better results because the atmosphere is slowly steadying and calming you. If you are tired, go and have a good sleep, and put on an alarm clock for about an hour later maybe. 

I’ll give you a very good way of doing it, which I think is absolutely wonderful; you get very good results. After you have had your evening meal, go to sleep before midnight if you can. Then, set an alarm for three o’clock in the morning. Then you start your meditation for about half an hour and then when you have finished your meditation you return to bed.

I promise you, you will never fail to meditate again because you get good results. The atmosphere and the house where you live will be quieter (at that time). The telephone [won’t ring] at three o’clock in the morning. The doorbell won’t ring – I hope! I think that is a better time to meditate.

Swami does that regularly. We start our devotions at 5 o’clock every day and the results are really good. Isn’t that right?

Devotee: Yes.

Guru: You like it. You like discipline. It is so lovely. Once you have got used to that meditation, once you have got used to that devotion you look forward to it. It is amazing. 

Devotee: I find that five o’clock is a good time.

Guru: After five o’clock in the afternoon? You have chosen a time which is acceptable to you. But you will find you get a wonderful response and a vibration if you do it in the early hours of the morning, sometime before sunrise.

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