Joyfulness on the spiritual path

Guru: Now I’m going to talk to you about something that is very important to you, please listen very carefully. In the West, everybody has been educated into a life of guilt.

It’s no use being guilty. What you have done is over. What is present you have the power to change. Don’t live in self-pity. It’s of no consequence to anybody. If you take control of your whole life now and begin to live and sanctify your life then your tomorrow will be good.

Wrap yourself up in love and joy

I have not come here to create fear in your minds. I have come here to create love for you – so much love that I want to wrap all of you [up] with love and joy not fear.

Joy! That is the vibration of God. Miserableness is not a passage to God – joy is. The Lord has created us to realise the Divinity within us. Being miserable you will never realise God.

Start the day with love; fill the day with love; end the day with love. If you have nobody to love, look at yourself in the mirror and say, ”I love you!” Then you will start laughing to yourself.

Master your mind

Divine friends, many people want to meditate. If your friends tell you that they are meditating, smile and walk away. I’ll tell you why. If they can only control their mind for five minutes it’s a miracle.

Your job will be to control your mind for five minutes not half an hour, or forty-five minutes but to master your mind and make it obey you for five minutes.

If you want to have a nice journey in daydreaming, join me and we will worship the Lord. Because when you begin to worship the Lord your mind begins to enter the dimension of Universal Consciousness. You have no boundaries. You transcend all boundaries to merge with God. 

Take advantage of the Kali Yuga

This period is called Kali Yuga. Whilst there is killing and destruction around the world it also has a great advantage. It is a period when you, through your devotion to God, can find liberation. For God is willing to understand the difficulties that we have, and to give an experience of God rather than a belief in God.

God is there. His manifestation is what we call ‘shakti’. And what is ‘shakti’? Energy. You couldn’t find a better place than to be here in Switzerland with all the beautiful mountains that you can draw the energy from… and of course the chocolates!

You see the chocolate floating in front of you all the time. They were heart-shaped this lunch-time. It doesn’t matter what shape they are, they’re lovely. They are the best people at making chocolates and the Belgians. Be joyful. 

What affects our spiritual well-being?

Now, this is another very important thing. I want you to remember this.

Every bit of food that you put into your system or whatever you put into your system that is in the form of drink or drugs has an effect upon your spiritual wellbeing.

There is a cause and effect for everything. Now I’m not going to tell you what to eat and what not to eat because I’m not a jailer to imprison you. I’m here to educate your minds sufficiently to know the causes and effects of every single thing that you put into your system.

Now let us start with drinks. If a person consumes a glass of wine, depending on the percentage of alcohol in it, I’m sure most of you will be able not to be influenced by it.

If by chance you graduate to the bottled version of spirituality and it is about 15-20% strong then that is a different matter!

You must know immediately that [alcohol] will go into your bloodstream and affect your mind. If it does affect your mind then don’t drink it. Now similarly, if there are foods that stimulate your body and create adrenalin inside your system, bringing out the aggression, anger, and hatred inside you, reduce taking that food. 

Use your own discernment

You are the best judge of it. Start as you are today and intelligently approach your spiritual life by asking yourself [about] whatever you put inside your system, “What does this do to me? Do I really need this food? Is it healthy eating? Is it calming my senses? Or is it exciting my senses?”

Those questions are best answered individually by yourself because I do not wish to write a common prescription for all the problems that you have. Each one of you is a different world evolving and each one of you has different aptitudes and desires for spiritual evolution.

Your application is different. Your understanding is different. Your approach is different and your desire for total liberation is different. Yet there is a common goal; the common goal is to become merged with God.

Slowly you are going up a ladder. Each person is on a different step on the ladder towards spiritual consciousness. Recognise your level. Understand what you want inside you. Don’t let others impose it on you. Then apply yourself on the level that you believe is best for you.

I have not come here to change your spiritual ideas. I have come here so that you will share with me your desire for spirituality.

God is omnipresent and omniscient so your ideas of God are also my ideas. Whatever you want to worship-if you want a mountain to worship-God is also in the mountain. That is the way I want you to think.

Not to convert people but to have inside you the conviction you want to know the God you know. For then your life will begin to change.

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