A selection of lively spiritual discussions with Guru Sri Subramanium.


A selection of vibrant spiritual talks between Skanda Vale’s founder, Guru Sri Subramanium, and his devotees. Accessible, authentic and often humorous, Guru’s words testify to the depth and substance of his spiritual experience.

“You see people going to various parts of the world in search of the wrong guru. The Guru is there inside you. And it is my duty not to make myself so important that I obscure the power of God within you. But to create within you the deep consciousness… the deep awareness that Krishna dwells inside your heart. That the Lord is there… Christ is there… inside you”.

Proceeds from this book support the work of Skanda Vale Hospice, where we care for families affected by life-limiting illnesses, free of charge.

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Paperback book with 224 pages.



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