What is an aura and what creates it?

Question: I would like to know more about the aura. Can you tell us something about it?

Guru: Every vibration that you set in motion is fed into the brain as an electrical impulse. Supposing you lose your temper. Can you imagine how the whole body is disfigured by that vibration of anger? True anger will even make the blood hot. Adrenalin will race to the brain and you will become blind with madness.

That [happens when] a person really loses their temper and the people are mad when that happens. The impulses generated by the brain immediately create an aura around that human being. That is how we recognise diseases in people as well. 

Now supposing a person is having a problem with the body. You’ve knocked your body or some ailment occurs in the body. You will find the temperature in that part of the body is different from the temperature elsewhere. Then the aura of that person is [also] affected in that part of the body and we can see it. Nothing so extraordinary [in that] because the temperature has created a different aura to that in the rest of the body.

What makes an aura golden?

If a person has deep love, compassion, and understanding, all of these will make up the aura. If a person is spiritually powerful the aura extends and becomes golden and different colours are given by the different attributes of the person.

You will find that the person who has got energy and power in his body also generates a different aura. It gives [anyone] looking at that person the opportunity to realise that there is a lot of shakti in the body.

The person who has lost their power also [shows] a different colour in the aura. We are able to look and accurately assess and say, “This person has burnt his energy unnecessarily.”

How does self-discipline affect the aura?

That is why it is necessary for a person who wants to follow a spiritual path to retain the power and energy within their body. That is why in a lot of monasteries, monks are advised to follow a path of abstinence. That sexual abstinence enables the person to conserve their energy and becomes a power within himself to advance spiritually.

People who constantly have a lot of sex will find it difficult to meditate. The power of concentration diminishes. The minerals and metabolism of the body are lowered. It is necessary for the person to assess themselves and to have the power of conservation of energy. That immediately creates a different aura and power around the body – this ability to concentrate.

The mind is far more acute than if the person has no energy. [Have you ever] seen a horse in a field that has no power, no energy? Nobody will tie a cart or ride it and that is because there is no power in that animal.

If a person wants [to follow] a spiritual path, the invitation to God is the conservation of his energy. That energy is valuable. Then Divine Mother looks at that person and says, “I have something to work with in this human being. I can immediately give power to that human being to advance spiritually.”

That self-discipline immediately enables [you] to issue an invitation card to the Divine to say, ”I am preparing my house, this house that I have for you to reside in.” Where you have power, where you have discipline, your aura becomes golden. The opportunity for a person to advance spiritually is there when you have disciplined yourself and your aura is golden. 

This is a very important thing that I am going to say. Each person’s aura is about that wide (Guru gestures about an arm’s length) at times and fades as it goes further away unless it is a spiritually strong human being.

Does karma affect the aura?

The karma of the human being also has a vibration in that aura. Anger, hatred, vengeance, all of these things have a different colour in that aura. Greed, envy, viciousness also have an effect on that aura. When two people meet you must be willing to share the aura and the karma with that person if you become intimate with them.

That is why sometimes even if you haven’t had anything to do with a person but you have gone close to them you feel very down. That is why in Asian customs and traditions gurus, swamis, and monks don’t shake hands.

I am quite different because I love to take the karma off people. I deliberately go and shake hands because I’m in a Western country.

I want to take your karma and release you from the bondage of cause and effect. I am willing to share your karma [with you] so that you can be liberated.

That is what I am trying to say to you. If you are willing to share someone else’s karma then come close and then you also suffer the consequences of that person’s karma.

Husband and wife merge into oneness in karma because they are willing to share it. Boyfriend and girlfriend also, slowly begin to share the karma. But if you are a butterfly and you go from one flower to another, then God help you because you will be picking up so much karma and you will be like a man with a sack on your back.

Analyse causes and effects

We are not spoilsports for anybody but we are always looking at the causes and effects. We say to people, “Don’t do this because it has an adverse effect on your life.” We are very happy that people are happy. We are very happy that people have love. At the same time, we are most unhappy if a person goes from one flower to another. You will have bad diseases, bad mental aberrations, depression, and unhappiness from somebody else. That is how you spread one problem to another person.

Now supposing a person has a really big problem physically. Just looking at a person, if you are sensitive enough, you would say, “I don’t want to get involved in that person.”

Stand outside, not critical but protect yourself.

Your survival depends on the acuteness of your perception. Develop that perception for that is the sensitivity that will help you in your living. You will be able to cleanse yourself and protect yourself.

If you feel, at any time that you have come in contact with a lower vibration, and if you are feeling depressed, go quickly and take a shower.

How can you protect your aura if you are a therapist?

There are lots of ladies and men who do massage and all sorts of therapies and come into close contact. I know you are going to ask me this question, that’s why I’m going ahead to answer it for you.

That is your profession and you must continue doing it. But there is a way for you to protect yourself. Before you start your massage change your garment into something that you are going to change after dealing with that customer. Make your client relax by telling them any story, to get the mind away from hypertension. Perhaps some soft music or something to get the mind to begin to relax. When you have finished the therapy don’t forget to go and put your hand under running tap water. You’ll begin to transfer the negative results from your body through that water, for water is a good conductor. 

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