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Guru: Divine friends, the mind is an amazing instrument. It builds up so many pictures about the unknown. When you come through that door, and if you have not yet met me, I could be anything from a demon to a glamorous model.

The mind is a monkey. We have to take control of that mind. That is what everybody wants to do in order to progress spiritually. Everybody talks about meditation but most of the people I know who practice meditation, daydream. Because to meditate really well is to master the mind.

The nature of the mind

The mind is like a butterfly; still better, like a little puppy. When you think you have taught the little puppy how to behave himself and you’ve got him to walk to heel he is off again. Don’t worry about that. From birth to death our job is to master the mind. Don’t be frustrated by that. What you want in your path of evolution is a partnership between yourself and God.

Now as soon as I use the word God some people say, “Oh No!” because fear comes into the heart of the human being.

For me God is not imaginary; as I can see you I also can feel, experience, and see God. That is not an exclusive club; you also belong to that club.

Dissatisfaction with life leads to your search for the Divine

From birth, one important facet in you that binds us all together is your Divinity. That Divinity within you urges you on to become merged with God. Even though all of us love drinks, many luxuries, and food, how much can you eat? How much can you drink? At the end of it, you are dissatisfied.

That is the mechanism inside you. Whatever you do you are dissatisfied. You wait for each day and you want more and more and more because it doesn’t satisfy you. That urges you on to find something better and greater for yourself.

You will never be satisfied until you have discovered your Divinity. You will always say to yourself, ”Yes, I have all things that I want. I have a good job and a very kind wife who makes good food for me. Yet there is something inside me that makes me irritable.”

That is why you are here. You want to find out what it is that people are talking about; what is it about meditation that would help you – how can you discover the link between yourself and God…

No charge for discovering the Divine

Divine friends, I’m going to ask you to do one thing for yourself. There are many organisations everywhere in the world that have made religion a business.

God is as free as the air you breathe. Whatever we do must never be tainted by involving ourselves with money. That is how we run Skanda Vale. If people want to voluntarily donate something – fine. But there is no charge for bringing God-consciousness to man.

Some of my friends who were in Kiental for the last meditation course will remember coming to me and saying, “What we paid for the Kiental meditation course was only a deposit.” I said to them, “No, that was all for your own stay and food that we charged you.”

Discipline will support you

Don’t run away! I am going to use a word that frightens most human beings. Discipline. It frightens most people as soon as you say, “Discipline.”

Discipline must be your second nature. You must know inside yourself what you want and you must say to yourself, ”Right, I am going to arrange my program and I’m going to practice what I have learned.”

There are two people living in each and every one of us. One is called Mr. Lower Nature and the other is called Mr. Higher Nature. These two people are going to do battle as soon as you say you are going to start on a spiritual journey. I want you to be the silent witness of these two people battling. You should be able to stand aside and say, “Yes, yes, you can fight; I know what I want to do”.

God, the silent witness

That is called mindfulness. What does mindfulness do to you to help you advance spiritually? It helps you to know the cause and effect that you are setting in motion; to be a judge, and to change the course of destiny for you. For you are the architect of both pain and pleasure. God is the silent witness.

If I overeat, like I have done just a while ago because it was such good food, then I am the one who is holding my stomach and saying, “Oh, I have to wait a little before we start the next program.” It’s not a complaint about the cook; it is a complaint about myself for being greedy.

I can blame God for that. But you hear somebody who has overeaten, or has done something which they have the power to change, and who says, “Oh my God.”

God is the silent witness. We have the choice to say to ourselves “No, I’m not going to do that.”

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