Conserving sexual energy

Devotee: Could you speak a little bit about the future, about the population explosion? Also about the environmental problems, the traffic and so on. Do you see a chance for human beings in the next one hundred years? Or if it’s very bad, maybe there will be ten million people in fifty years. It’s only a prognosis but the situation is terrible. You know, we have trouble in Switzerland too with population expansion. What do you think can be done? 

Guru: Education is very important. You know, contraception is not a solution to the problem. Contraception is only a part of the solution to the problem. Education of the mind and how to control it [is also a part of the solution]. How not to be impulsive and react impulsively. It’s a very good question because it takes us into the most important part of spirituality.  

Conserving energy

The body, I was [saying earlier], is the instrument for spiritual evolution. What does that mean? The conservation of your energy, the kundalini as we call it. Now, for example, I bless that girl. What does blessing mean? When the body is run down and the mind has the incapability of working for itself then we get in there and go ‘zoom’, raising the kundalini. The power and energy of the body go to the brain to stimulate it. That is both the grace that flows and the energy from me. I must have something to give you.

Can you imagine flogging a dead horse to make it walk? If you’re a monk and you’ve burnt yourself out then you have nothing to offer to a pilgrim when they come to you and say, “Please bless me.” I must have power and shakti in my body to give you that power, the grace of the Lord. That means conservation and this is what we are trying to teach people – conserve it.

The more you conserve your energy, the more spiritually powerful you will become. This helps control our population as well because, you know, instead of going zoom, out, you say “No, no, no, this is mine. I’m not going to get rid of this energy. No way! You go away”. 

People often ask me, “How do the brothers cope?” I am very frank with my brothers and when I look at them, and when I look at a person, I say, “Don’t walk around like a zombie with no life because it’s spent energy.” When I look at a person, I’m looking for the energy inside that person. I want to educate people now from schools to say, “You want to be powerful inside. You want the brain to function at its best so conserve your energy.”

Contraception is not an answer but a partial answer. However, preserving your energy and working with that energy must be an education for the human being, so that the person has so much power and ability to work within every field that he undertakes in his life. Though he will work with his mind, he will coordinate his mind and action to get the best. He will be able to get that energy within and without himself from Divine power so that his whole body is vibrating within himself.

What we have to teach people is to gain that experience and say, “Come, I’ll show you what you can do with your power. Come on, I’ll give you a little bit of power to help you.” That is what a guru’s job is. We have to change the educational focus from choosing an ‘easy way’ to discovering something valuable in abstaining from sexual appetite and over-sexual appetite.

The food we eat is very important. The food we eat overstimulates us. You know, if you go to some countries, the human being has been turned into a mechanized unit because the appetite for sex has to be sustained by an appetite for food that will stimulate the body for more sex.

An excessive amount of sex causes degeneration within the body

It’s a process like this; there’s something you cannot replace, and that is certain minerals and the power inside the body. The person ultimately shows signs of degeneration much faster when they have excessive amounts of sex. We have to teach people this.  

Spirituality is to teach you to conserve your energy; to use it for your own spiritual advancement, and to master your lower nature. You have an animal inside you, as I do. We have to say to that animal every time it raises its head, “Now, come on. I know what you want. You want me to express this desire just to exhilarate my sexual appetite. Come on, cool down.”

This is what spirituality is for me. The more power you have, the more you invite me towards you for spiritual progress. The less power you have, the less you invite God into your system.

I know it is a big problem. You’re worried that the population in Switzerland is going to increase to ten million. India has already done so now while we’re talking. 

Devotee: But it’s a problem with immigration. It’s a problem here in Switzerland you know. What can you do in Africa, or India, when you are against contraception? The Catholic Church is against contraception. What can we do at the moment? The only solution is contraception at this moment.

Guru: I’ll tell you something. The Catholic Church will have to fly a kite as soon as you offer £50 per contraception. Money talks. You can say to people if you accept contraception or sterilization, “Now, here is an incentive for you to accept contraception. You can have only one child, no more in your family.” There begins economic survival because you saved money by giving that money to those people, they need for their survival. I know it’s a naughty way but it’s the only way. Until you educate people you have to give them an incentive for their survival, it’s very important. 

I’m trying to say to you that we have passed that inhibition of using contraception in the western world. Now we have to go a step further in educating people that that is not the only answer to the solution to the problem. Conservation of energy [is also part of the solution]. It’s also important for us to say that using contraception encourages you to be promiscuous. That is not acceptable to me.

Real ‘contraception’ is responsibility. Responsibility means that you choose one partner, settle down in life, and be responsible. We want to see that responsibility because [nowadays] people are using contraception as a way to enable more and more promiscuity. It’s like a form of encouragement to say there is AIDS so use contraception to avoid AIDS. That is a problem. That’s a problem.

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