Cause and effect

Devotee: What is positive thinking? What is protecting? How can we protect? 

Guru: Very good question. Every action has a reaction – a cycle of reactions. Positive and negative thoughts interfere with our lives. Non-constructive vibrations – vibrations that are interfering and which are an impediment to your own wellbeing – are negative.

I don’t like the word bad, I prefer the word negative; I prefer the word positive rather than good. [‘Good and bad’] are two clichés that have become a difficult thing for young people to accept. Young people run away as soon as their parents say, “Don’t do it, it is bad.”

I always want little children to grow up with this consciousness. Parents can teach them what is negative and positive and explain to the child right from the start, intelligently. Don’t think that the child is a dummy. The child has high intelligence and you must bring out that intelligence by explaining the causes and effects of whatever the child does.

That something is positive or negative. If you put your hand in the fire you get burnt; that is a negative action. You will do something injurious – and we all do it in various ways – we overeat and suffer the consequences of our overeating. That is a negative reaction for our bodies.  

It varies in degrees and we have to look at life intelligently, not unintelligently. I prefer that you talk to people in that stance of negative and positive because [for example] if you eat that food, it can enhance you or make you feel bad. This cause and effect are what I want you to teach your children, and this is very important for you.  

And at the same time learn that one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Understand that very clearly. You can’t write a common prescription for every human being. No, you have to understand and study every person’s lifestyle – what the person has surrounded him in his life, the way of life, what he or she is used to, and all of these things have to be taken into consideration as we help people. It’s very important that we do that.

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