Applying what you learn on the spiritual path

Guru: All people want to evolve spiritually. Spirituality means knowing in your mind how you are going to advance. Look at it intellectually, work alongside each other in partnership, and understand how you can apply yourself every day with discipline.

The effects of Kali Yuga

Discipline is one of the most essential things for you. Meditation alone won’t achieve anything.

This is Kali Yuga. Kali Yuga means the age of everything being in a fluid state.

What you believe is well-established in your mind is going to change very quickly with a lot of emotions from outside and interference in your life.

What I would say to you is to be steadfast in your spiritual feelings. Apply it in your life. Don’t just make it a philosophy, but a way of life. There are many, many intellectuals in the world – so many intellectuals but none of them have applied anything that they have discussed in their life.

In these few days, you have heard a lot. We’ve covered a lot of ground, now put it into practice. Every day, make up a program and apply it. Both of you (husband and wife) will enjoy that.

Live in love. Apply it in your life. God is love, love is God. Love is caring, love is understanding, love is compassion, and giving of yourself selflessly. That is my message to you.

You will have a lot of people coming to you, telling you how it is done (how we can evolve spiritually) and about the ‘magic.’ There is no magic. You have to apply yourself if you want to become a doctor, soldier, sailor, or anything; so the same applies to spirituality.

When people come and say, “Oh, there is a new guru, and a new swami, and a new…” Yes, yes, they’re all new.  But what is not new is the ‘Paramatma’ (ultimate reality), your ‘Atma’ (soul), your spirit, and the divinity within you. That has existed in you, for a long, long time. Now that is urging you to want spirituality.

Relax and focus on the divinity within you

I don’t need to tell you, but I am telling you to discover your divinity. You are divine – realise your divinity. Behave in the fashion and manner of a divine human being, and every day chip some of the old habits away. Push them away every day so that you discover your greater Self and your divinity. Then you will have great peace of mind, alright?

Can I tell you something? What you should not do. Please listen to me carefully. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. I beg of you, don’t spend time thinking how sorry you are about yourself. The past is beyond recovery, you can’t change the past. The ‘now’ is at hand, you must make an effort. 

I’ll tell you what you are doing, which is harmful to yourself. Always thinking about yourself and creating a rhythm in your body that is stirring here in your stomach. The gastric juices that you have got inside your stomach are being created by that fear element, the element of loneliness, and of not knowing where you are going.

All these things are heightening and creating this feeling inside you – calm down. The human being starts the problem here [Guru points to the stomach], then it spreads to the mind and you must make yourself aware of that. 

You need interaction with somebody, and until you find somebody, a young man, whom you can trust and rely on and have that interaction with, develop your relationship with good friends and people who can listen to you.

Don’t always think inwardly, think outwardly. Inwardly means you are preoccupied with yourself and you blow aeverything out of all proportion – don’t do it. Don’t continue to do it. You’ve done it, okay, that’s over. Now you begin a new time for yourself. Alright? That is my message for you.

I am always happy to see you each time I come. Each time I come I see the intensity of your desire for spirituality. But relax a little bit. Being too intense puts blocks in the way, and I want you to advance spiritually, to be free, to feel free. Be a bird in the sky and fly freely with the currents of the wind, in the mountains. That is what spirituality is for me, and you can join me flying up there, okay?

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