Forget your limitations

Devotee: Did I understand correctly that you said to discover the potential of the visionary eye we must first discover the potential of our senses.

Guru: Yes.

Devotee: What does that mean?

Guru: It means at the moment you are looking at your senses and allowing the senses to display their demands on a very superficial level. You must transcend that superficiality. When I look at you, I can use my eyes. I can look at you and look right inside you. In the same way, when I put my finger on your forehead I can go right inside you. When I do that my eyes are shut but I can see very clearly. My visionary eye is more powerful than my ordinary eyes. My ordinary eyes are blind, I can’t see, I have to wear glasses. But I can shut my eyes and go anywhere I want, and see what I want, far more clearly than with my eyes.

Devotee: How can we practice this?

Guru: How can you practice it? You have the power of perception endowed in you as a human being. What has stopped you from using your power of perception? It is your superficial involvement in the world of illusion, Mahamaya. In other words, you have given greater credence to that which is superficial than that which is of greater value. You are not using your eyes. When you look at a human being the first thing you are looking at is the form of the person, the mannerisms of the person, and the conduct of the person.

You are involved now on the superficial level but you won’t even stop for a moment to consider what sort of human being this person is and what vibration the person carries. You go back home and say, “Gosh, I met so and so, I have a feeling inside me that this is not what the person presents to me. I have a certain feeling that things are not quite as they are. What is this feeling?” Feeding into your brain are the impulses generated by that person to you. You have now had time to analyse them and you understand them. You must give time. Time is an essential factor for you to understand the vibrations that you are constantly having an interaction with [when you interact] with people.

It is not just understanding the superficial. I rarely look at a person physically. I look deep inside a person not only with my eyes but also with my hand raised. I can feel every impulse [emanating from them] which gives me an idea to what extent they have power. I can feel whether it is depleted or whether there is Shakti in that human being. 

You know, if you want to evolve spiritually you will have to conserve all your energy and power. So, when I go to a person I am putting my antennae to feel the impulses that make up the structure of this person spiritually. It gives me an understanding. I not only use my mind, but also my mind’s eye, and I can feel the impulses with all my senses. If I want to go to somebody I can go from a distance without touching that human being and see them.

As I undertake to look after people every day I go to them in my mind and give them Shakti from a distance. Take the divine power and distribute that energy to people so they can live on with the grace of the divine.

Transcend your mind-made limitations

Why not you? You have the power to do that. Just forget your limitations. There are no limitations within you. Only the limitations you put, yes you have those, but transcend them and go beyond this point. The brain has immense power. You have not even begun to discover the power of your brain. A very small proportion of the brain is functioning at the moment and I want to shake the dust out of your brain so that it can function well and make you feel powerful inside. Then you will begin to transmit Shakti with your mind. 

Devotee: Can’t you hurry it (this process) up a little?

Guru: I have to teach you how to let go. This is the most important thing. Have the beautiful things that tempt you in life around you but just let them be. Don’t let them govern you. Don’t let them distract you. You enjoy them but don’t let them dominate your life. This is not important.

There is the higher self and the lower self. I am talking to two people. The duality in you. The higher self that I want to bring out in this drama. In reality, there are two people. You can’t isolate the other person who is constantly making demands and the other person who is lying dormant to be discovered by that Self. This is the discipline. This drama exists in the human being’s life and this is what I beg of you.

Don’t be preoccupied with the hangups of life because you give more power to negativity.

You know, I’ll tell you something funny I see. As soon as somebody comes to say hello to me, they say, “Oh my God, now Guru must know everything about me.” My job is not a pastime to find out what monkey business you have got up to. My job is to see how I can stimulate you into thinking more positively rather than being negative. I am not interested [in anything else].

Find me a human being who is so good that he is going to come to me and say, “Guru, I am now divine.” I’d have such a hearty laugh if he were to come to me and say that. I love my naughty family. Naughtier the better. Because those naughty people have some power inside them to be naughty and I can change their life with that naughtiness. Once they pretend to be good and walk around like this I think, “Oh my God, problem.” 

Because they are unreal. They are unreal. Look at the life of Christ. He did not choose to have holy people around him. Christ chose twelve disciples, twelve fishermen. The language and mannerisms of fishermen are not very polite, they are rough. Christ chose their company. He chose them and I chose you because of that company.

You sit here so beautifully presenting to me a picture of perfection. I don’t believe anything you present to me because I see you as I am. You can work with this mould that people present to you. You can help them to discover their divinity. Through that mould of experience, they are going through. If they pretend to be good then what can I do for these people who are pretending to be so holy? I can’t help them. There is no place for me. I look at these people who are trying so hard to find their divinity, so I work with them. I say, “Come on, let’s change the whole stance. Let’s work with your life so that we can find beauty and love in it.”

That is what real meditation is – mastery of yourself. You are going to be a good archer and there you have got your bow and arrow. The bow is your vibration of sound and the mind is the arrow. You are learning to pull this arrow so that you can send it straight to the Divine, not going around like that but straight to the Divine and drawing that energy towards you.

You need patience to develop spiritually

This is what contemplation and meditation are about for every person – mastery. It won’t happen overnight. If someone gives you a formula and pretends that overnight they will give you a mantra and bop, there you are, you are going to fly high and be a great spiritual being then I won’t believe a word that person has said.

I still haven’t met anyone who has been liberated through some formula. You cannot get God to come to you through some formula. No way. It is only through your love and dedication. Your selfless sacrifice and activity. Serve God in life. This is what karma yoga is about.

We have killed, caused injury, cheated and robbed from one cycle of birth to another. We have lived in different worlds, and I promise you now you are in a privileged position to come here and begin another journey of consciousness so that you can advance spiritually and discover the potential within you. But be realistic. There lying dormant inside you is a tiger. That uncontrolled tiger of desire. That uncontrolled tiger that has come from one cycle of birth to another and just when you think you’ve got your act together and you’re so marvellous that you are floating around and saying, “I can meditate now and I’ve got it all worked out”, be warned.

As soon as you say to yourself that you have got it all together you are in dead trouble because that little monkey inside you is going to say, “Oh, just this once break the rules. Break the discipline.” Yes, and you will break the discipline. Breaking the discipline is okay but you must have the courage and conviction to return to the discipline again. That is the most important thing. I will give you continuous support. I will bring you all the Shakti and power that is necessary for you to withstand the pressures that you will go through in your life. I will help you no end till you discover yourself.

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