What is Maha Shakti?

Devotee: Please tell us about the Divine Mother.

Guru: Who is the Divine Mother? The Divine Mother is ‘Maha Shakti’. Maha Shakti means universal energy. Form and formlessness. The formlessness that encompasses the whole universe.

That formlessness is in the mountains, rivers, Earth, and throughout the whole universe. The stars, moon, and sun are all a part of the energy of the Divine Mother. She can take that form at any time she wants, and how she wants, to manifest in relation to the evolution of the human being.

In simple terms, She can take the highest embodiment of a form, or forms.

That is why we say to humanity, don’t try to contain God in your concept of God. Transcend form and allow the Divine to manifest in the form the Lord chooses when and how he wants to do so. Don’t listen to other people’s ideas about God and try to superimpose them in your mind.  

You can see from time immemorial, the concepts and ideas [people have of] God have changed and [become] dramatised; for the spirit of God pervades the whole universe from the most primitive peoples of the world to the present consciousness.

Everything is the omnipresence and omniscience of God, but the graduation of consciousness of God becomes refined as the human being evolves spiritually.

Enable Maha Shakti to come to you

The refinement and experience of God increase as you master your lower nature. It is that lower nature that impairs the human being to discover the totality of God. Human beings will only experience that with the grace of God. There is no formula that I or any Guru or Swami can give you and say, “This is the formula – when you follow this, God will come to you.” This is not true.

We can tell you how to organise yourself, your world; how to organise your life so that you become the lotus that opens for the Lord to reside in. In other words, your heightened consciousness and awareness enable the Maha Shakti to come to you.

If God were to manifest to an ordinary human being his mind would blow. It’s not easy to experience and comprehend the energy of God. I have had the experience of the Divine Mother, and so has Swami, for four years running on a daily basis, and manifestations of the Divine Mother in varying degrees.

It’s daunting, exceedingly daunting. With all the experiences and power, every time it’s a drama unfolding, and sometimes I don’t know whether I am in this world, or another world, and what has happened to the world.

Because there is no roof, there are no walls, everything has just vanished when her energy, her shakti comes. Your body begins to vibrate and that is what the kundalini is about.

What happens when the kundalini rises?

That kundalini immediately begins to rise when she looks in your direction to give you grace. Then it rushes like a big torrent of the Ganga, the river of divine energy, up your spine and straight to your head. Then you’re in another world of awareness.

That is why we love the mountains, that is why we come to the mountains, the mountains call us. I come because I love you, and also I love to be by the mountains. The mountains come to greet me in the night for some Maha Shakti, and energy.

Last night whilst I was lying there I thought, “Everybody is asleep so no problem”, and then Haresh was looking at me from his bed and he could see. I said, “Look at my toes. I have no control of the minutest muscles in my leg. The energy from the mountain is flowing now. All of the energy of creation is flowing through me, through my body.”

I have no control over that. The toes go up and down, they go this way, sideways. All the muscles in the toes and the body just ripple like the sea for the Lord is a million suns. That is the energy that flows into all of us, not just me but all of creation.

If you want to evolve spiritually forget that the material world that you live in is going to live on in the same way as it is now. Changes are going to occur. You have to transcend that change, and you have to merge with Divine energy and consciousness. Free your mind.

This tape recorder will only register what I say, but I can also correct it without moving a muscle, [just by] looking at it because I can do that as well!

When people take a photograph of me I have fun. Sometimes I look at the camera and I blank the photo. The person comes and says, “Do you know all my photographs – it has never happened before – they’re all overexposed”, and I say, “Oh really?”

Have fun in life. This is what energy, shakti, and power are about.

You want to practice yoga. Yoga is to master the body and control the mind. To discipline it, to learn how to work with it. You have a fine instrument and you have to learn to handle it. [You have to] transcend and learn how to get that universal energy within yourself.

The Divine Mother is creation itself, so we call her Mother Nature for she is creating life all the time.

The male aspect of God, like all men, is very lazy. The woman is doing all the work! She’s (Maha Shakti) going about – look at your plants, look at all of life – it is She who’s working very hard. She is creating all the time.

The male has performed his duty in the Tandava. I create, preserve, destroy, recreate. This impermanence is a part of that energy, the Maha Shakti of the Divine Mother. In creation, there is another part of the Divine Mother, for she bears the energy of life.

Having given birth to life, her entire idea is to preserve life. So there is a drama of knowledge, of light, of success, and pleasure, and all the luxuries that you can have in your life.

But the human being who thinks that that is a permanent aspect of his life is living in a state, another world.

Change is a permanent state

You have to realise that all the material things that are available to life and humanity are in a state of permanent change, for as they come, they will go. This element of dissolution begins to set in motion and this is the best time of year to know that. We’ve had spring, we’ve had summer and we are coming to autumn. Autumn is a time when all the leaves are shed and a new beginning is there before us.

Only if we realise that our minds and our bodies are also like the rhythm of autumn, spring, summer, winter and there will be another spring and summer waiting for us in our life.

What we have to realise is that this is a part of that Tandava. I create, to preserve, to destroy, to recreate.  Don’t be afraid of that destruction. Within ourselves each cell is being changed, our minds are being changed, our mannerisms are changed. You think you’re going to be the same person that walked through those doors early morning but by the time I’ve finished, I will have stood you on your head.

The body is changing, the mind has the ability to change and create within itself the opportunity to advance spiritually. That is what shakti is. These plants and all these things are about shakti; flowers are about shakti. There isn’t anything that surrounds us in our lives that is not the Divine energy, Maha Shakti.

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