The guru / disciple relationship

Guru: It is very important whilst I am teaching you, that you put into practice what I have taught. Only then you can find out in essence whether it is working for you, or whether it is obstructing you. If it is, then I will find a solution to the problem.

Don’t wait without meditating after we have finished the class, at least once in the day. Have the ability to say to yourself ‘Right there is a lot of fun and games going around… let me go quietly, sit and meditate, and find out for myself what Guruji is talking about… if I can work with it’.

As I said before, lots of you have been to other Gurus and Swamis and learnt techniques from yogis, bogies and rogies – lots of them! You know, we are of no consequence. Please dear friends, what matters is that your link between yourself and God must be established. The various ways each Guru or Swami teaches is to push the person on a spiritual course. And if possible, for that Guru or Swami to take from you your karma, and reduce it.

Guru blessings

Students often contact me, including students of medicine or doctors. They want to get through their finals or whatever examinations they want to get through, and say to me ‘Please Guruji, make sure that I get through the examination’.

Now it would be false for me to help somebody who hasn’t even studied. Because I will let loose a person into society who is not qualified to look after a patient. But if the person has worked very hard, and at that moment of the examination has got excited and his mind has got confused.. then I will make sure that that person will get through that examination.

You want to know how I do it? The examiner, when he takes that paper in his hand will be full of ananda [bliss]. He will be so high and very compassionate. We will only do that if the person has studied; if the person has worked hard and we know a special set of circumstances prevented that person from doing his examination well.

Earn liberation yourself – no shortcuts with drugs

Now, that is the same with meditation as well. If you have fooled yourself, don’t think ‘We have been fooled’. You will do yourself enormous mental damage to believe that one Guru or another can give you liberation. That will be totally dishonest.

Divine friends – conserve your energy. For your energy is required for your spiritual advancement. Without that energy, it is like lighting a lamp without fuel in it. Conserve your energy because it is important to send that volume of power to your brain to concentrate. Don’t continue your bad habits by smoking. And if you take any drugs – this is the time when you can wean yourself out of those bad habits. Every action has a cycle of reactions.

You want alertness in the brain and the mind. You want hypersensitivity to register the impulses surrounding you. If you dull your mind and your brain with artificial substances it will do it irreparable damage.

If a person takes excessive alcohol the brain becomes so addled and soft that it cannot function sufficiently. If you take hash or any hard drugs it does the same and ultimately destroys that human being. As I am going along I pick up your mind and answer your questions. There are yogis and bogies and rogies in India who smoke hash and dope. Their dopy character has nothing to do with God.

Divine friends, this is a very serious thing I am telling you because there is a misconception about ‘believing’. Because those people take drugs, you think spiritual experience can be gained with some form of drug – this is not true. I want alertness from you. I want you to be in control of your senses and not some drug or some outside influence. I want you to be the master of your ship, and not for it to bounce in the ocean of Samsara.

I love all of you. But my love does not allow it to falter in any way with what I have to do for you, to help you on your spiritual journey. I will accommodate every idea of yours only to change them.

Like you, I too know many yogis and spiritual people, and they have all got different physical features and abilities. These are all facets of the Divine. Those facets of the Divine cannot be put in one entity. Whilst you go and see them and experience the anandam, the love and direction from them, know this well: do not be attached to them. Including me.

Because it is futile. We have come to do a job of work and not to create special relationships with you. Yes, we love you but at the same time, when we see anybody coming too close to us we push them away because we want you to stand up on your own legs.

I know your innermost thoughts. I understand why sometimes you are drawn to some special person of spiritual experience and content. I understand that, but that won’t liberate you. What will liberate you is your own hard work. By doing as much karma yoga as you can, combined with bhakti yoga. There is no easy way.

From one cycle of birth to another all of us have created karma. And the negativity that brings you back to earth again and again through suffering, pain and displeasure. If you really want to evolve spiritually, then begin to let go. How can you let go? You can look at your life. Understand the vibrations that you are setting in motion; find out the causes and effects that you are setting in motion in your life.

That is why when I look at you, you think that what you have thought, what you said and what you have done in your life has gone away. No! It still exists around you in the form of your aura. That is your visiting card to me. So I accept your visiting card, understand it and look at your qualifications. And that is the basis on which I have made my diagnosis about the various maladies that the human being suffers from. Not critically, not emotionally but with a deep sense of commitment and love.

Divine friends, if a person cries, or is in unhappiness… or whatever it is, we understand that unhappiness and the problem that the person has to go through. But I cannot believe I can find a solution to any problem if I also sit with that individual, open the floodgates of tears and join that individual.

Yes, I cry for you. I cry for you because you are not trying to discover your divinity. I cry inside myself knowing your potential and you are not using it. I see you in a beauty and yet you expose the outer ugliness. Discover that inner beauty! For it glows like beautiful millions of suns. When you discover that divinity… that is what meditation is about. Then it will burn and dispel all the darkness that impairs your progress.

Yes, we want to help you. Yes, we will nod in the direction of you when you want help. Yes, we want to be kind and gentle on your spiritual journey but yes, we are the stirrers for you to evolve spiritually.

I know the flying doctor Gurus come and go – Swamis come and go to the West. They give various prescriptions but they are not there to see how the aftercare medicine works. If you have a Guru or if you have a Swami, or if you have anybody whom you are taking instructions, go to him and tell him you are one of the squatters on his doorstep! And you are not going to get up from there until he has given you liberation!

Swami has just started a union called ‘the devotee’s rights union’. I really mean this because it is no use having a Swami or a Guru who has made his money, has gone to a comfortable chalet or something and never answers the phone, and his assistant has to do all the work – that’s the sort of Guru or Swami you don’t need.

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