Question: I have a picture of Holy Mother, so I can have a talk to Her. I can come into the room and sit down, just having a conversation to get into contact with Her, to feel the atmosphere and then start to meditate.

Guru: Yes – I never complete my day without a conversation with Her. Never! I present all your faces to Her and then have an interaction with Her, presenting all your problems, your aspirations and what you hope to achieve in your life and seek Her grace. I cannot give anything to you without Her giving something to me – so that I can give it to you. Because you are in an awkward position to be able to go and get it for yourself, until such time you stand on your own feet.

Now, that is the ability for you to sit there and start this conversation. I never go anywhere without telling Her. To come here for three days I was telling Her: ‘Mother I am going now to Switzerland; I don’t know what you want me to do.’ Because I never preplan anything I say or what is going to happen because it is an interaction going on with Her all the time. And so I say: ‘Please be with me, I need your Shakti, I need your energy and help me so that this task that I am going to take on your behalf will be fulfilled properly’. Offer that conversation in that way to Her.

Let Her be the architect and designer for your life. Let Her sanctify all of your thoughts, for the success and failures are also Hers. Because She will alter them as She wants – that is what surrender means. When we say ‘Surrender to the Lord’, you make an effort in whatever industry or whatever you do. And then say to the Divine ‘Mother, now you make whatever adjustments you want and I bow to your will’.

That is what I do with Her. I make every effort to serve Her. The moment when I serve Her best is when I have been used from half past four in the morning until next day… and another day… and another day. And I am literally trying so hard to find a moment to go into my room and shut myself up. That moment I go into the room saying: ‘I am going to have a rest’, She will come as if to say: ‘I watched you, I know what you have been up to… now here is the grace you are looking for’.

It all comes down to effort

That is what we all must do. Laziness has no space in spirituality I can promise you! We have to make an effort. We must work hard and advance ourselves spiritually. There is no automatic switch you can put on and off for spirituality. Because now we are in the age of pills, people think that there is a spiritual pill. That you can wake up in the morning and swallow it as well with all the other pills. There is no such thing.

The effort you make is how you will progress. Yes, I have been teaching you since yesterday but it is you who will achieve success. I can only bring knowledge to you. But it is you who must sit down, apply it and find out for yourself in these next few days before I return back to London whether you have any questions. And you will never know if you have any questions until you really apply yourself. And I want you to come back to me again and again until you have got in your mind clarity of thought. This is very important.

Can I just say something? When I see people disturbed with some of the things I say I promise you I will stir it up more. Because I want the poison of displeasure to come out and install love in your heart. I am exceedingly mischievous because I know what would stir a human being up. And then I get in there with a nice long wooden spoon and stir it up.

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