The heart chakra

Question: We say intuition is something that happens with the view in the third eye. But I have heard also that our heart must be open to having intuition. What is intuition and where is the seat of intuition?

Guru: Now, let me take first the heart chakra. Often people refer to the heart chakra, which is a very emotive chakra until you discover selflessness. Most people only can relate to the association between human beings and life on an emotional basis. That is not a very good thing to cultivate if you are only going to look at your heart chakra. The head must govern the heart and be detached!

It is wonderful to be able to exercise the use of the heart because to know the Divine is to exercise your love in human relationships and the world you live in. Yes, that is a good starting point. But there comes a moment when the person has advanced beyond that point and says ‘Ok, I had all my relationships now sorted out I am ready to go on my spiritual journey. I want to be integrated with the totality of the universe, the whole consciousness’.

I am deliberating using that because there are some of you here who prefer the formlessness to the form. So, let go! Don’t let the heart control your head. When the heart controls your head you are a slave to your senses. But let the head control the heart and be wise that you are conscious of the vibrations that you set in motion with the heart.

Only when the human being has graduated from the physical consciousness of interaction between each other with love, then you can transcend to selflessness. A lot of people talk about love and want to have that interaction with God. But they really have not that accurate interaction with each other before they go to God.

Family life is the training ground to learn selfless love

That is why we promote and always tell people: build up your relationship with your wife, your family, your children, your grandparents and don’t ignore anything that surrounds you. If you ignore any of them, you ignore the Lord. Yes, God is love, love is also God. For one without the other, there is no God. When you realise that the senses are involved in that emotive heart, then the intellect will take over.

Now to the next part of your question. It will dominate and say ‘Hey, alright for you to talk about love, but where are you going?’ Yes, it would be most unwise, and I say this very deliberately for husbands and wives to practice this selfless love because one or the other is going to complain, and I may be bumped on my head for saying anything. A human relationship will grow. As it grows you will cease to think physically and you will transcend the physical to the higher being, the Divine consciousness.

To the young people who want to get married I will say this to you: Don’t even consider it! Get married, settle down, fill your house with children, full of love and evolve spiritually alongside till all your children are grown up and you have cared for them and you have helped them in their lives and ambitions. If you have worked in your life alongside husband and wife and family, meditating, contemplating, then you will slowly step from one phase of consciousness to the other, without problems and aberrations.

This is Kali Yuga. During the Kali Yuga is the easiest time for people to evolve spiritually. The Lord is sending many mind benders to the world to help people to evolve spiritually quickly with the grace and power that is given to us.

Whilst all of you here want to learn meditation it is the most difficult thing for a person to do. I don’t want to discourage you but it needs a lot of concentration, discipline and orderliness for you to achieve that goal. The quickest and the easiest way for the human being to evolve very quickly is to get the grace of the Divine by chanting – by spiritual Sadana, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga.

Instead of people saying: I hate, I hate, I hate you say: I love, I love, I love. And I love you my Lord, and you chant the name of the Lord and let the Lord’s name resonate inside you. Your lower nature will be dominated by those vibrations. Whichever religion, whichever practices you follow, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism – never mind. You chant, those vibrations, those slokas, those mantras are invaluable for you.

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