Form & formlessness

Guru: Now, there is always a battle raging between orthodox people that one knows that the other doesn’t exist. That is through ignorance people say that. I have seen the Divine Mother in formlessness, that is why I can explain it to you. I saw Her in a volume of energy first, literally pulsating in front of the picture of Hers. I thought I was in Mars because the power and energy were moving around very fluid until it lifted the energy up and went into the temple next door.

Equally, I have seen Her in the form. What happened at that moment, when I saw that volume of energy, I said to Her: ‘What is that!?’ Because I haven’t seen a volume of energy as I described you. And then She said: ‘Can’t you see? Look at my picture!’ All those elongated volumes of energy that have arms and hands all manifesting in the form of light. So that incredible battle that rages in the minds of people that one is more superior to the other is a figment of ones own self-importance. Transcend all of these things! Realise that there is in the whole universe such power and energy undiscovered by the human being. Form and formlessness: Form, the human being can interact with.

Formlessness is more difficult to visualise the enormity and power of this energy. Because you cannot quantify, you cannot contain it within the mind because you have to transcend all limitations to understand the enormity of energy. That is why we tell people more and more to start with form. Then you will transcend even form to become formless because it is much easier to have that interaction with the form.

There is a beautiful image of the Buddha. When the Buddha reached enlightenment and He had this very energy in himself, you see the Buddha with one of his hand on his lap like that and with the other, He sends the energy to the earth. And that is because He could not give that vast power to any human being. It is not possible. And that is why people have to go very carefully as they progress spiritually because there is a tendency for the person to say: ‘I want more power, I want more power!’

If this container, this human form, cannot properly handle that energy you will burn up. And that is why the Divine is reluctant to come to people, not because the Divine doesn’t want to come to people. The karma will make possible that if that energy came to that human being unprepared – it will burn out. Not that it would matter very much to the Divine but it will literally unnecessarily shortcircuit the birth and death.

Question: Can you visualise while you are meditating on the Divine Mother?

Guru: You can! You can.

Question: So you can basically just concentrate and see Her?

Guru: Yes, that will help you, enable you to concentrate better. But always remember: you can’t tell the Divine Mother how She is going to appear to you. It would be presumptuous of me or anybody to say to the Divine Mother: ‘Today I am going to see you as Maha Lakshmi so this is how I want you to come to me’. That is the biggest mistake a lot of people make.

Yes, you may have a special affinity with Maha Lakshmi because She is light and energy and power and success. But She will decide that this time you need a sort of a booster into your system and come more forcefully in a different aspect of form. So you must be willing to have that vision transformed from form to another form or formlessness. Be open-minded! Also, try to start your meditation concentrating on the form if you want to. But don’t hold on to it because it will restrict you in your own progress.

I understand some of you are practising the formlessness of God. Now, you don’t have to change your outlook, nor be confused by the thought that I am talking about the form of God. And often, if you listen to me, I am also talking about the formlessness of God. In this form that is sitting here, we will substitute for this lady the form of God. In this form are the mountains, are the rivers, all the gases, all the stars, all the moons, all the suns embodied in this form of God which is also the spirit that pervades the whole universe. That is what we call ‘Vishnu Maya’.

Now if a person looks from one side of this form, and sees vast energy and power emanating from this whole atmosphere of God, you will swear that that is all that exists. Then you may find out of this very formlessness and form, emerges great Avatars like Krishna, Christ, Rama who have realised that they have emerged from the form and that they have come from the Father.

It is no different from that which people have claimed who have come from the formlessness. They knew what truth was as the Buddha, they knew what truth was as those who practice Judaism, Mohammedism or Hinduism. They would never, I am absolutely certain, have misdirected human beings in any way.

There is one consciousness flowing from God or Godlessness. If you combine all the philosophies of the world, put them together, you would never be able to find any difference. Truth is truth. Thou shall not kill! Thou shall love the Lord thy God with all your might, with all your strength! Thou shall love thy neighbour. Do not lie, do not cheat, do not cause injury! All these are a common basis on which human beings have to base their life. Understanding, compassion, giving of yourself selflessly is the base on which all religions have begun and will end.

Liberation is the foremost thought for the human being whether he is Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim or whatever. To be liberated from this karma that we have brought with us. All this and more is what we call Sanatana Dharma; the timeless consciousness of God. Timeless… and that means even those who worship stones, those who worship trees, those who worship the spirit of the human being. Those who worshipped from the most primitive times to the time now when we are exceedingly sophisticated in the worship of God.

God in His Universality

That is why, divine friends, we are drawn to the worship of nature. So we rush to the mountains, for in the mountains is the energy of the whole universe brought down and born there. We want to go and drink from this consciousness. We are drawn to fire, we are drawn to water, we are drawn to the wind, we are drawn to ether, we are drawn to earth. We are drawn to all of the elements who subscribed to our lives. Those are the personalities of God who manifest in the form and formlessness.

They gave a form to the personality of wind to convey to the human mind what God looked like. Men gave a form to fire so that he could convey the power of Gods manifestation in fire. Men gave a form to the earth as Mother earth so that men could understand the vastness of power and the manifestation of Her. Wind and ether – all of these things in Greek mythology and many others – God was portrayed.

Man has tried to convey the intensity and power of the formlessness. It has been made difficult because you are always evolving. So what was relevant for the period when man was in his early stage, is not now acceptable for some people in this consciousness.

Satyam, Dharma, Shanti & Prema

I understand your predicament. I understand why you do not sometimes wish to be associated with the form of God because it has many connotations. But I always think to myself: If I want to transcend my lower nature and need assistance and the power of Almighty God, I would prefer to have somebody who will stand above me and say to me ‘You are wrong, you are going the wrong way’. I am more answerable to Almighty God than to myself.

I always want to feel within myself and experience the presence of God in the form and formlessness. And for that unknown reason, the Lord has chosen me. But I am happy to have that consciousness that whatever I do I have to answer to Almighty God. I cannot make a mistake and pursue that mistake for my own egocentric satisfaction.

That is the element of Satyam I have in my heart; that I do not want to con you by pretending to be God. That is the biggest mistake a lot of people have made and fall foul to their own egocentric nature. Divine friends, whilst you pursue whatever spiritual path you wish to follow, enthrone the thought of Satyam, Dharma, Shanti and Prema.

Sathyam; absolute truth. Whatever dharma you are going to follow; practice it diligently. From it will come shanti; peace and [prema:] immense love. It is very important that we go on this spiritual journey. I cannot thank you enough to come to share with me my innermost thoughts, and above all bring to my own consciousness divinity. I have not read any books except one. And it is only when you are there, questioning me, that I discover the enormity of my own divine consciousness.

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