Demonic forces

Question: What are the three worlds?

Guru: The low world (demonic field) the earth world and the heavenly spheres are the three worlds. They exist – don’t think they do not exist. They have very much evidence. When you meditate, one day with that vision you will see many forms, many heavenly forces and you will also see the earth forces. And if an event or catastrophe is going to occur in a part of the world, that will immediately come and register in your brain. The same – you can see people who have degraded their lives, suffering tremendous sadness in their lives.

I have seen in one of my meditations people were dying, literally encapsulated by a flame – dropping into a vast flame, screaming. I have seen that. And you will encounter that as you go along and experience more and more of the three worlds. And that reminds us that these are not illusionary. Then when you will meditate you will also see demonic forces. Because remember this: You are a challenge for them because you have decided to change your destiny – you have decided to go on a spiritually conscious level. So they don’t want to allow you to do that.

Protection before meditation

That is why it is necessary to insulate yourself before you start your spiritual journey. And sometimes you may well have a good stomach to look squarely at a demonic force and say: ‘What are you doing here? Get out!’ And you have to have that courage within yourself. ‘I don’t want you!’ And that is the drama that is going to be enacted in your mind. And your perception will not just see the lovely flowers, and the lights and the colours that people say they are seeing… you will see more than that. You will see things that you couldn’t believe ever existed.

Can I say something to you? What I have just told you is not something that I have created, or cooked up as I went along. But it is a lot of experience that I have had in dealing with negative forces. If there are five Gurus or Swamis, all five Gurus or Swamis would have had five different boons granted by the Lord. Now my boon that the Divine Mother has given me is to bring Her power to you and to annul demonic forces.

Question: Can we safely assume that when we are safe in our shrines? We light a candle and chant, and we are completely fearless – I have never felt any fear in my shrine.

Guru: If you are really serious and have a great devotion to the Lord, then the power and energy of the Lord will protect you.

And you chant the mantras. Whatever you chant, I can tell you through my own experience, I had to deal with so many people’s problems and see also demonic forces. I am talking generally. When we talk of the lower forces, they are very real.

Question: We have heard from teachers that sometimes when we meditate that our chakras will open. Then we have to learn to close them. What does that mean? Or is it just what you say is it the better way to do it before, to insulate it?

Guru: Yes

Question: And then to close or to open is not a thing of doing, but just to be in the presence of the Lord.

Guru: Yes, I have never closed my chakras ever. There are two schools of thought: One school of thought believes that you have the ability to close your chakra. Close the chakra means you have to distract your mind from your spiritual consciousness to the physical consciousness. Now if you distract your mind from the spiritual consciousness into the physical consciousness, you will soon find that to revert back to the spiritual you are going to find it more difficult.

Question: It is the interaction between the demons and ourselves. Is it simply a matter of observing them and saying: ‘Off!’ That’s it? Is that the reason? That the more of a forcefield we have, the stronger the devotion is, the more powerful demons are going to try to penetrate it?

Guru: No, what they will do is find a moment when your guard is lower and you are full of sensuality, and they will make hay while the sun shines!

Now you would have encountered in your own life people whom you know who are gentle, who are nice, who are kind, and then for some unknown reason, they suddenly become very aggressive. Uncontrolled in their nature and they react in a very unkindly way. Their chakras are there open because of their devotion to the Lord. And they have not protected themselves and insulated themselves from the effects of forces outside them.

And that is what I would say to you: that you have an interaction going all the time with the Divine, to protect you. You should always say: ‘I am going now on a journey, I am going to this place. Be with me, I am going to do such and such a thing, be my strength and my guide and my protector’. And this dialogue must go on all the time with you, for you need that assistance and protection as you go on your spiritual journey. Then you will not be in that position where people have even killed with such a force.

Negative energy in houses

One way I will tell you; you can find out when you go into a house, or a place where there are lower forces – the smell in that place won’t be sweet. You enter that place and there is a funny smell. Because the fabric of the whole house has been penetrated by fear, by anger – and it is the dwelling place of lower forces. The vibration is not a pleasant one.

And if a person is hypersensitive, he can enter somebody’s house and be welcomed by it, or repelled by it. You would have done it so many times; gone to a house or a person’s home or environment and said to yourself ‘Oh, this is most unwelcoming’. Because people don’t understand that the lifestyle we live is not just a lifestyle that we are interacting with; ourselves and our friends. But we also feed it into the whole fabric of our dwelling homes.

And if there is a person who is sensitive enough enters that house, then immediately (if you are sensitive enough) you will pick up these vibrations and respond to them, and feel an element of disturbance within yourself. Don’t push it away because it is a reminder for you that things are not what they seem to be there. It is necessary that you protect yourself from those influences.

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