Question: You talked of contemplation in the morning and I would like to know what it really means.

Guru: Contemplation is mindfulness. Contemplation about all the causes and effects that you are setting in motion in your life. Contemplation is not only when you sit down before you meditate – it must be a recurring process in the human’s being life, that he is heightened mindful enabling him to correct any mistakes that he or she is making.

It will also heighten your awareness because you are aware of a lot of vibrations that are been set in motion – so you know how to handle those vibrations. Instead of the vibrations mastering you, you will be the master of the vibrations.

In the world we live in, people are mindless. Hence we make many mistakes: cause injury, unhappiness, harm. Even when you drive, the person drives mindlessly. When the person really becomes heightened in mindfulness, you are gentle to life; you are gentle to all of creation.

Now there is common terminology used by people about ecology. This was not invented yesterday. It has existed for many, many centuries. The mindfulness of the human being means they are conscious that the spirit of God pervades the whole universe, so we are careful how we treat it.

Vandalising takes place in different forms. That is when the human being conveniently says to himself (because he wants to be distracted) ‘God doesn’t exist, He only exists in his cupboard’. He says to himself that God only exists in the church, so he goes on Sunday, airs him, holds some incense and says ‘How marvellous God you are!’ and shuts the door and puts him there until next Sunday.

But we have to change that outlook. Because the spirit of God pervades the whole universe we have to walk very carefully, sensitively, with love and care towards all of God’s creation.

Awareness of cause & effect

Divine friends, mindfulness is the cornerstone of spiritual evolution. I hear people say that they are meditating without contemplating. I find that very difficult to accept. Because whatever profession you belong to, you will be that much better, you will be that much more dedicated as a human being to the work you do, if you contemplate.

Divine friends contemplation does not actually tell you to become guilty. It is no use being guilty because you are going to give more power to the negative thought. What you have to do is to say to yourself in truth ‘I have gone wrong here, I have the ability to change it and I am now going to change it’.

If not, what will happen is you will, like most people, go to the confessional to make a confession, knowing full well you are going to do it again. That is no good. I want to improve your consciousness to say to yourself ‘I am the master of my ship, I have the ability to change it, I need the grace of God to do so and I surrender myself at the lotus feet of the Lord’.

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