Question: What do you think about angels and archangels? Have they some meaning?

Guru: I’ll talk about that, that is very important to. I never, ever believe about anything. In the same way that I am trying to tell you to make inquiries and find out for yourself… I am never one of those people – I am very sceptical inside me. Even when I see the Divine Mother. I have been throwing pillows at Her (and I had to apologise to Her). That’s my nature, and that is me. Because I say to myself ‘You have given me intelligence, I am not going to accept anything’.

And so I was walking in Skanda Vale one day, completely free. My mind meditating and praising Good in all of creation – the wonderful things that God has given us in our lives. And there was the most beautiful beam of light; all clouds and just one beam that came out of the sky on Skanda Vale. And I looked at this beam and I said ‘Oh, how beautiful this beam is!’ And I was enthralled by its intensity, and whilst I was looking, I saw the most amazing revelation. That whole beam turned into angels with wings – all of them like a whole beam, from heaven to earth, unfolding themselves.

You know, it is not only you who are sceptical; I am also sceptical. I am also very analytical and I do not accept anything. And I stood there just enthralled by this immense power that floated from heaven to earth. And after that I thanked God and I said ‘You know we are fools not to accept some of the things that our forefathers have given us in knowledge. And we are fools not to realise Your ability to manifest when and how You choose’. And I was so happy that I was able to see those Divine forces.

Question: Guru, do you think, that we should pray to these angels?

Guru: No, no, no – no spirits, no angels. If the Lord wants to send a guardian to the person for protection, that is the will of the Lord. You don’t need prayers to lower forces. You want to go higher, directly to the Boss! My job is to take you to the Boss. No half mission.

Question: But when you go through Christian tradition, it is a hard thing to put this all away. Because you have grown up in the tradition that there are angel Rafael and Gabriel and all these and…

Guru: Yes, it is very nice for them to be our Rafaels and Gabriels and whatever, that is their success. Now I want you to achieve that success for yourself. Because they can protect you anywhere.

Question: Can they help?

Guru: As soon as you start on a spiritual journey there are protecting forces around you.

Question: So you can thank them for protection not pray to them.

Guru: Yes. What I am very careful not to do is to mix with direct consciousness of God and to divert the mind into areas that can cause confusion. Because a lot of people practice different types of spiritualism on the grounds of help.

Question: In the Hindu religion there are all those many names of Gods – aspects of God. I think in the Christian religion the same are the angels. They are aspects of God.

Guru: They are messengers from God, not God’s manifestation.

Question: But you said that when we are born then there are angels; that means forces, influences… guiding us, helping us, protecting us, coming out – you said.

Guru: I’ll tell you why I discourage people from doing that: if you put your entire consciousness on an angel, and not on God, you can quite easily delude yourself in believing that you don’t have to make an effort because the archangel or angel is going to protect you. If I drive fast and I am at the steering wheel of a car, and I am driving exceedingly fast, no amount of archangels or angels will be able to protect me when I go off the road and smash into somebody else’s car. We need the grace of the Lord to protect us from ourselves.

People leave their homes wanting to come to the temple. Lord Subramanium is the composition of the elements and they are absolutely certain that God is now going to protect them on this long journey; 240 miles from London to Skanda Vale, and another 240 miles back. They have done the puja and they become wild men. Because they have been to the puja they received the grace. Now they have got the protection, so they think they can do what they want.

Divine friends, to be just a little bit frivolous if I were an angel I’d have to insulate myself, learning how to blush about what people get up to and what they do. We have to not disassociate the human being’s behaviour pattern with divine consciousness or not divine consciousness. Because everybody is evolving and, in varying degrees, people are experiencing life. And these high divine beings who are going to protect you will only be able to cope with our lifestyle if we are in harmony with them.

From life to death, we create for ourselves the vibration that either attracts or dispels those high vibrations – whatever you wish to call them; angels or divine forces. If you do not live a spiritual life then that which attracts you in your life and your conduct in life will be negative forces. And the same: if the person is living in a spiritual consciousness you attract the forces that are spiritual guiding you. And this also happens when we die. That is the law.

When we are on our deathbed there is a very distinct demarcation line for those who are going to claim us at our moment of death. That is the moment when the spiritual forces will come and take you in the direction of the Lord for rehabilitation, reincarnation or liberation – or the other forces will drag you around in Maha Maya.

All the attachments; the greed, the desires, and the involvement will come there starkly in the face of the person. He will want to drink the things he wanted to drink, he wants to eat things he loved to eat. He will want the possessions he had, he will want his relationships and the way of life where he was happy and enjoying himself. All of these, and many other aspects, will be denied of him and he will find hell on earth.

That is why you find places haunted. That is why you find spirits restlessly wandering. They wander because of their attachment to places and individuals; they are attached to food, drinks, whatever they wanted and loved, and they keep on in the state of tremendous mental upheaval – this upheaval within themselves. Yet they can’t have any of it and they are disturbed; they continue to be disturbed until that vibration of desire diminishes in time. That is called hell on earth.

Now – that is why I am very careful not to encourage people to consider too much about angels. Because they could make mistakes and refer to these forces who are waiting on the wings to take part in the lifestyle of other people. I want you to create a powerhouse around you, insulating you against all forces that would distract you from your path of spiritual evolution. As I said before, that is my speciality. That is the power the Lord has given me to annul and move those forces, without consideration for them, but for you for your liberation. They have had a chance – hard luck, now it is your chance.

I am here to defend you against those forces. That is the authority of the Lord, for He knows that there are many forces in the world today that are so negative and demonic. They can cause a lot of destruction and problems for humanity in their spiritual evolution.

Divine friends pray! Pray and create for yourself the power and energy around you that will protect you on your spiritual journey. You must do that before you start your meditations. You need to insulate yourself strongly against those forces, for they will distract you and come in many ways and forms to mislead you away from God.

Before we start meditation there is one plea I make to you: respect yourself, develop respect for others, sanctify your living. As you go on your journey purify every moment of your life. You are the architect of both pain and pleasure. Go to the Lord in your mind and ask forgiveness, for we have offended the Lord in many ways. We can receive the grace of forgiveness if we can only have the capacity to forget our ego and seek divine grace.

Angels, archangels and all the company of the higher vibrations that are associated closely with God will manifest to heaven, when the human being is very closely associated with God. They will never come down unless there is a special message for that human being. The destruction of evil, the hindrances to humanity for the progress of spirituality – yes the archangels will come to deliver a decisive blow against evil propensities.

Angels are there as messengers, guarding and protecting people against influences. Those angels will only again respond if the human being has truly, honestly, sincerely set sail in a spiritual path. If a human being were to follow a negative path of life – do you honestly believe angels will come to help him? No, he will be attracted by other forces that are negative and will pull him down.

Dark forces are there and those dark forces will constantly try to come into the play of the human beings life. To get the help of the Divine forces, the human being has to make a positive assertion to stay on the road of spiritual evolution. The disciplines for spiritual evolution cannot be devalued and cannot be changed easily, just to satisfy ourselves.

That is the invitation card that we give to the angels, archangels and the whole company of heaven – what we really are doing and what is happening for our own spiritual advancement. Sathyam, absolute truth, embodied in you is a sure sign of your being able to draw the attention of the Divine to come to you. The Divine knows we will make mistakes but if you try with all your abilities to convince the Divine that a wrong is right – that is a mistake we make. What happens is that after trying to convince the Lord that you are right then He will turn towards you and say ‘I knew it wouldn’t work!’ Nothing will work if you haven’t discovered inner truth.

Nevermind what mistakes you have made, but you must have the courage of conviction to present yourself at the lotus feet of the Lord. For the Lord understands your innermost thoughts. The idea that man is carrying in his mind that God has a mallet in His hand, waiting to give you a doink on your head every time you do something wrong is absolutely incorrect. There is such love, there is such compassion, there is such understanding from the Divine because the law of karma has been set. You are the architects of pain and pleasure and it is only by your wanting to change your life that the Lord will give you some element of relief.

When I look around sometimes I see such element of feeling ‘But oh, how can I? I have not been a good girl or a good boy to go to God’. That is the very reason I am here – not for good people! The Divine Mother has around Her neck all the demons She has destroyed. I have around my neck all the naughty ones. All the time they remind me what I must be doing for them that I should not stop till I slowly push people in this area of divine consciousness.

Don’t classify me as an archangel but a naughty angel. Naughty because we are here to understand you. We are here to allow that rhythm of your life to vibrate in us. We’ve not been judging you, but helping you through all the pressures of life towards a path of evolution.

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