Accepting suffering

Question: Whilst meditating I have a lot of problems with my body. I feel so much pain and I can’t let the pain go. And that happens often to me that I feel pain and cannot stop it.

Guru: I tell you how you can deal with it. First of all, accept it. And you have a bit of courage and say to the Lord “I want more.” I will tell you, psychologically as soon as the pain comes, you want to get rid of it. Thereby you resist the brain making the morphine that is necessary to kill the pain. The brain has the capacity to make that morphine when it is free to do so. But as soon as you are obstructed your mind sends a message to the intellect “Oh, it needs some medicine, quick, quick, quick – pill!” And stops the brain acting and putting it right.

Anger & acceptance

A much more complicated person came to see me once. Not one, many! I had a young man who had severe osteoarthritis and was in a wheelchair. He could not walk. And he was in that chair absolutely angry with everybody, everything and he didn’t like what was happening to him. But for an extraordinary reason, he had heard about me. And he thought I was going to heal him. So he rang me up and said “I have heard about you – would you heal me?” I wanted to check him and I said “Never! But come and see me and we will see what we can do.”

I tell you why I said “never”. Because he wanted to put the responsibility on me and wash his hands. We went and picked him up from the station, he was in the wheelchair, we carried him, put him in the car and brought him. And he said: “When am I going to see you and you heal me?”

I said: “No, no, not like that. I want you to change your whole attitude of mind in your life. I want you to accept any minute of the day as a great treasure for you that you are alive. That God has given you this opportunity to pay your karmic debt. And you must be joyful to do so. If you have a little bit of pain don’t blow it out of all proportion. Never mind, there are people who are worse than you are.”

This serious young man spent some weeks with me and I stood him on his head. He changed his entire outlook in his life and approach to it. And when he was able to laugh about every single thing that was happening to him and he was inwardly joyful, I said: “Now I will tell you, you will walk again.” And I said, “Now you go back.” He said, “But I am not walking!” I said, “Go back, don’t complain! Don’t worry, you will walk.” I will never say that to somebody if I am not sure.

And he went and after about two months he rang me from the hospital to say “I am now going around the hospital teaching people how to accept pain. I am on my feet again.”

Divine friends, if there was an easy solution to karma then Christ would not have come to earth and suffered death upon the cross – if there was a quick solution to the problem. Whenever I see something that is intolerable for man, whilst I give thanks to God that we have the opportunity to pay our karma I also appeal on behalf of that person to the Divine Mother and say “Please give some relief so that this person can evolve spiritually.”

Please do not think that I am heartless, I understand your question, I equally feel your pain but at the same time, I want you to begin to change your attitude towards that pain.

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