What is unconditional love? 

Devotee: I think Saint Peter says in The Bible that love is the most important thing with which you can have power. () When we are in love we work in love though our emotions and thinking are completely controlled. Why is it the highest? 

Guru: Because love is compassion; love is understanding; love is forgiveness; love is to integrate — to become one — and without that love, nothing else functions.

Devotee: But love is something natural. Everybody has this.

Guru: This is a different sort of love St. Peter was referring to – selfless love; giving of yourself without any conditions. If love is returned, okay!  If love is not returned, it’s still okay!

Devotee: How can we progress in this love? 

Guru: By slowly realising that emotional love has conditions. It also creates certain aberrations of the mind, which will make you selfish. You will always think of yourself.

When somebody says they are going to love they always want something in return. If that condition is not met the person becomes aggressive and sometimes unhappy; they create great disharmony.

Love means giving of yourself and never mind if you get anything in return! Never mind! That is the same feeling when Swami and I board a plane to go to see people. I am there to give you divine love. I am there to wrap you up with understanding and care, and to make you feel good at the end of our journey.

To make you realise that you are very special! Because you are special I’m here to give you that divine love and make you realise that there is divinity within yourself.

Love the divine within a person rather than their form

“Love the Lord thy God with all your heart, with all your might, and with all your strength.” You know, a lot of people look at each other and only measure the love to give to that person in relation to how they feel [about] the form that the person possesses. Then they say, “Oh, you know, I can’t give love to that person because this, that and the other, the form is different – the vibration’s different.”

There’s divinity inside every human being. That is the divinity that you’re giving that love to, not the form. Here’s this devotee sitting in front of me with this form, but my love to him is identifying my love with his divinity. So then the form doesn’t matter! It’s that divinity, his and mine, that becomes one.

In the same way, I look at each and everyone and I pass that immense love. Of course, there’s an interaction between the physical bodies in the mind and [you] say, “Oh, it’s lovely, Guru’s looking golden today! Guru’s looking blue today! He’s looking green today! Guru is looking red today! He’s worn his war paint! He looks rather cuddly!” But never mind; it’s the love that matters! 

Devotee: I always imagine if we hopefully, one day, become this all-embracing love then we will feel at home, and not before.

Guru: You feel free! Free, free, free, free, free! Now, you are inhibited by love.

You see this devotee is organising a Rock ‘n Roll concert. Do you know why that is? Because he wants to create love through music that will bring people together and lift them up.

That is why I go everywhere where there is music and people because I see this great desire to be lifted up in the consciousness of love. Wherever there are people [gathered] together, they’re there for one simple reason – not to be separate, but to love; to feel that mood of love; to break the barriers of inhibition.

The fear is removed, because when the music starts playing, first the couple enters the dance floor, everybody’s coming to see. Then, when the music starts, slowly aaaah, everything changes!

Now he’s not afraid [of] being watched by somebody else. Slowly, the inhibition is removed. And by the time the music has played from nine to midnight, there’s no more inhibition. The bottled spirit also has played a part in the evolution of the human.

My goodness! Things have begun to happen! There is such a joy for the person there, and normally, you would’ve taken much longer to go to another person and say, “May I dance with you?”

He doesn’t wait anymore, and he says “Come on, let’s dance!” This was the breakthrough that the human being was waiting for! People go on holiday from one part of the world to another to forget themselves. Yes, this devotee will tell you! She forgot herself in India! And there she travelled all the way to India to forget herself.

Devotee: To find myself!

Guru: Yeah! To forget the tradition to find yourself! Oh, so easy! Come to my dance! No problem!

Swami: Guru is the compère.

Guru: Mm. Find yourself! Free yourself! Don’t chain yourself and inhibit yourself. Love, love, love.

Guru: If a person really loves and I’m talking in terms of selfless love, it means giving of yourself unconditionally. Serving humanity and all of life without any return whatsoever. I can hear in some of your minds, thoughts such as, “Oh, how can I cope with that?”

Selfless love starts in the family

Very easy! Start with the love that you know. The love that you [already] interact with. The warmth, care, and understanding that you have between your family, your mother, your father, your brothers, your aunts, uncles, and everybody you have an interaction with. You start with that love.

When you start that association, you will slowly want to be caring, understanding, and give of yourself. Then slowly you will graduate in your spiritual love.

A human being who has no experience of earthly love will not know divine love. It is like a couple who are madly in love in youth. They know nothing else but that physical attraction to each other.

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