Master your senses

The goal for every human being must be to master the senses. Mastery of the senses must be your preoccupation. When you master your senses, you perfect your vision. You find the extension to your vision and hearing. You perfect your breath and the utterances (expressions) that you make. Find out what vibrations you set in motion and what value they have.

Everybody talks about the heart chakra. What is that heart chakra doing? Is it governing your life with a load of emotion or is the head governing the heart? It is very important that you must blend the two together. I am not going to tell you that you must not have the heart chakra functioning well but if it runs wild, and is not brought under control by the mind then you have a problem because the emotions will stir you up so much that you will go astray.

Same with all of the energies in your body. The sort of lifestyle you are going to lead, and the food you are going to eat will affect your sexual energy. Everything has a part to play in spirituality. 

Divine friends, spirituality is not a difficult thing as long as you work it alongside your life. Don’t make it a sickness. As soon as you say spirituality a lot of people say, “Oh my goodness, so many don’ts and do’s. I find it difficult to cope with this.”

Choose a suitable lifestyle

We are not going to tell you what you should do and what you should not do. My job is to enhance the consciousness of the cause and effects you set in motion in your life. You must decide and say to yourself, “This lifestyle is not acceptable for my spirituality. This food stirs me up.” I want you to approach life intelligently, not unintelligently.

I don’t want you to say, “Oh Guruji said this so I must oblige.” No no, I want you to develop mindfulness, heightened awareness, and consciousness. It is so important you do that because then you are the master of your ship, not me. I am able to tell you some things that will bring forward your consciousness about things that you’ve glossed over and pushed away easily. You have appeased your conscience and sort of said, “I’m not going to look at this very much more than is necessary because it gives me a feeling of guilt.” Guilt is not what we are promoting for anybody. We are not interested in guilt. 

I am interested in your power and your power of discrimination. Your ability to say to yourself, “This is not for me. This food is not for me. I don’t need it. I don’t require it. It forms a lot of confusion in my mind. It stirs my adrenalin.”

This is the problem for most people – adrenalin. Adrenalin rises and many foods stimulate that adrenalin. So if you find some food that causes your adrenalin to rise very quickly then you must be the person who says, “No, I won’t have that if you don’t mind because it upsets me. I don’t want it. I can’t concentrate well when I have that particular type of food.”

I have a lot of fun with people. I know some people can’t drink. I know some people can’t eat meat, fish, eggs, whatever. Then I watch them eating it and drinking it. I have a Sister in the community who can’t take much wine. If she does have a little bit of wine she is quite high so I deliberately say to her, “Why don’t you have some wine? It does you a world of good. It is grape juice, sunshine, and everything.” Then she says, “Guruji, you are so naughty because you stir me up with this.” I said, “Yes, you are the best person to say no, I will tempt you. “

It is my job to make sure you have the power inside you to say, “No.” That is very important. If I don’t do that somebody else is going to do it for you. So I will make it my business from time to time. I’ll give you a little bit of a shock to see whether you have got your act together, to see whether you can cope with your senses and how you are going to work with them. Mastery over your senses is what this whole thing is about. Why it is so, I will tell you. 

Techniques won’t bring the Divine to you. No way. I’ll tell you what will bring the Divine to you. When all your chakras from head to toe and above are cleared of all the aberrations and the vibrations that are alien to you, and which obstruct your spiritual progress. Do you understand what I am saying, or not? Because I have got a very good translator here.

Devotee: I don’t understand the word aberration.

Guru: From morning to evening you are adding to the aura. Every day you are adding to this aura. The aura is your personality. When you sit there I look at each of you and understand what sort of life and what other vibrations you have set in motion. In other words, they are your credentials. Your credentials mean your visiting card to me. You say, “I am here, this is my visiting card to you. Guruji, I have come to call on you.” Then I understand you, not critically. I have no right to criticise a single human being at any time.

I have that ability because I look at the vibrations that make up the aura and say to myself, “What can I do to help you? How can I change this aura? How can I develop the nature of divinity within you which is your inheritance at birth, to make sure that your whole being is open to divine consciousness.”

Make a connection with the Divine

For the Divine to come to reside in you, you must clear all the obstructions that lay in your path. You can say you are going to meditate. You can say you are going to contemplate but ultimately what I want for you and what most people want through meditation is to link up with the Divine. To ask the Divine to come to you. To have a form of partnership developed between yourself and God. That is what Shakti is about. That is what the Divine Mother gives us to give to you – Shakti.

Then any obstruction or problems that lay in your path will be removed and you will be able to integrate with God. Once you are harmonised within, and the chakras are working well, then the vibrations that you set in motion immediately make it possible for the Divine to manifest. 

What stops a person from having the Divine come to them as an individual? Anger, hatred, viciousness, meanness, ruthlessness, a sense of greed, and selfishness. Always saying to yourself, “I” and “mine”. These are the obstructions for the human being to relate to God.

God is love. Love is God. If you have love, you can make a mistake and the Divine will understand but you must have that love inside you. Love for all the people whom you encounter in your life, starting from your family and all the others. That enables you to have a vibration of harmony around you.

Love can become a problem for an individual because most people in the western world are inhibited in love. Inhibited because they can’t express their love, they are constantly troubled by the traditions and customs, and mannerisms that people are taught. From the early stages, they are walking in a straitjacket as well. Frightened to say, “Hello, how wonderful. I love you.” 

Rajneesh knew this and he started the love therapies, which became madness because unsupervised it became a very bad thing that he developed. But when he first started it was important for the western people. I was watching what he did. It got out of control because it left his control and went to other people who ran those organisations and they were wrong. 

Expressing selfless love

The expression of love, the freedom of love, how you convey that love, the vibration of feeling selfless love, to serve God in humanity is a part of the nature of a human being. You are all graduating as human beings from the lower level of love through expression physically to transcend that love to become selfless love. 

If anybody applies to me to become a monk or nun, the first qualification I ask myself when I look at them is, “What do you know about love? What relationships have you had? Do you know how you can express this love?” Because if you don’t know this love how can you know Divine love?

This is why when you go on your journey in life you may think this is the first approach to love but when you have this experience of love you learn to give of yourself selflessly. You understand the mistakes of those whom you love. You are willing to be compassionate and forgiving through that love because that love is a powerful instrument as Christ showed you. It is a powerful instrument that enables you to relate to God in humanity. There, within yourself is the embodiment of God in every life force that exists. You begin to interact with God the moment you interact with each other with love and you say, “I love and I want to express my love”. But you have within yourself that deeper consciousness of love that is inherent in you from the moment of birth to this moment which says to you, “There is something greater in this love.” 

It is like two people coming together first of all when they are young. They are wrapped up in their emotional love, this love of drama, the love of fantasy, the love of the physical. All the young couple will do for the first part of their life is act out the drama of love. You see, this drama of love enables you also to give that love to that inner being inside you, and slowly that inner being rises up and says, “There is something more than this physical love that the two of us are involved in. I want something more that makes me feel good inside.” This is what challenges the person.

Sometimes they deviate and go in another direction to find another partner or partners, one after the other, but really, what the person is looking for is deeper love, selfless love. This is what the person is urged into by his divinity. His divinity is saying, “Okay, you have expressed your love, you can show that love, but there is something more within you and you have to find that love.”

Sometimes it is exceedingly painful and traumatic for two people, or three people or whoever they encounter because one partner may want physical love but the other partner says, “I understand what your problem is but I don’t want to be involved in this physical love, I only want a good warm relationship in time that will develop.”

Time is a great factor for human beings. Time will make you realise that there is a quality in human beings when you first start on the journey of a physical relationship. There is a greater depth to that love than what you saw originally. That is what happens with a husband and wife. They slowly develop this feeling of immense trust and wonder in the human being. They both feel that they can rely on each other, and interact with each other. They will feel, “We have a telepathic communication and a special language.” Just the look of the husband and wife when they exchange glances says an awful lot. 

The same with people. Sometimes you meet somebody whom you have met for the first time and you say, “Gosh, I’ve known this person for such a long time. I have an amazing interaction with this person because this person speaks a special language with me. What is this language?” This language is the highest embodiment of love. Highest embodiment. And so you have a great rapport and an empathetic approach to each other. More than the physical love, the feeling that you want to give of yourself to that person. You develop that love that you have through your experience on a physical plane of love but I promise you, you will be so dissatisfied that eventually, you will transcend that physical love to the highest embodiment of God’s love.

That is what Paramatma is about.

The Paramatma inside you is urging you to identify yourself with the selfless love of God. The selfless love of God is your invitation card to the Divine.

I have worked round the clock to help people, to give Shakti to people, to answer telephone calls from people and then Swami says, “You haven’t even sat down for a moment. Why don’t you sit down and have a cup of coffee? I’ll bring it to you and you just relax.” I say, “No, no, I’ve plenty of power in me and in my body. I’m here to do some work.” In the night the Divine Mother will visit me. She will give me such Shakti. She will disintegrate my body, hold me in the palm of her hand as if to reassemble all the components of my being and hold it together and say, “Okay, here is another round for you.”

Why only me? Why not you? Because you have to really work with that love to serve God, to serve humanity. Use all your energies to serve humanity. All of life, not just humanity. Love life, it is so beautiful. 

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