Master your life through contemplation 

Everybody who wants to evolve spiritually must first contemplate before they meditate. Do you know what contemplation is? Contemplation means to go through your actions from the moment you have got up to the moment you are going to sit to meditate. To understand the causes and effects that you have set in motion that are helpful to you, or unhelpful to you in your life. 

Now during the day, you may have promised yourself to do something that you haven’t done, or whatever you have done, you may not have done it properly. Contemplation enables you to find a solution to your problem.

Contemplate before you meditate

I will explain to you why it is necessary for you to contemplate before you meditate. As soon as you shut your eyes and say you are going to meditate, the undigested thoughts will come floating into your mind’s eye.

What is an undigested thought? An undigested thought is that which you have not perfected in the day that you have lived.

Good yoga is perfection. If you are an artist or a singer or a dancer; if you are a doctor or anything, you must perfect that art. Do it properly, and well.

A lot of people believe that to worship God you must become a monk or a nun. This is not true.

Good yoga is perfection in whatever field of work you do and [to] relate it to God.

That must be fulfilled first before you start your meditation. If not you will have so many thoughts coming into your mind, and rather than meditating you will be fighting these thoughts and trying to get them out of your mind.

Supposing you promised to do something, or you had some aggressive thoughts towards somebody, and you did not think about that before you started your meditation. All that will manifest in your mind, and you will have this playback about your life, and this will not help your meditation.

Master your ship

Regard your body as a ship in the ocean. Now, can you imagine this body, which is a ship in the ocean of the world, bobbing around in the ocean without a captain?

That is what life is about for a lot of people. The body and the mind are bobbing in the ocean without direction. You have to take control of your ship through your contemplation. You must become the master of your ship, directing [it] into calmer waters. That way you will take control of yourself, and your meditation will become beneficial to you.

Examine your thoughts honestly

Divine friends, don’t run away from any thought that you have in your mind. Whatever the thoughts, you must bring them forward, look at them and understand the causes and effects that you are setting in motion in your life.

Half the problems for people who have depression, or unhappiness is because they are not willing to face up to the truth. [Yet] it is more painful for the person to run away from the truth than for him to face up to the truth and solve his own problem.

It’s painful because it will continue to niggle you all the time. [This is] because you’ve put off the decision of making a firm assertion in your life.

Life is a challenge. Meet it! Don’t run away from it. Then, you will find great inner satisfaction for your spiritual advancement.

Contemplate, and then begin your meditation. Even if you don’t meditate, I ask you to do one thing. Every day, for ten minutes, sit down and contemplate.

Every one of us is going to make mistakes in life. If anybody pretends that they are not making mistakes don’t believe him. But you must have the courage to face up to the mistakes you’ve made and also change and correct them.

Divine friends, that is spiritual evolution [and that] will help you reach the highest goal of divine consciousness.

You will have confidence. You will have success, and who knows when I see you next time you’ll have the ability to tell me you have reached the goal of divine consciousness. It’s true.

Question: Can you talk about how to deal with anger?

Guru: Why does one get angry thinking about the whole day? A person feels anger [and an] inability to do anything because it’s just like pushing a brick wall, and when you can’t change [something] you feel frustrated within yourself and you become angry.

Have you ever seen a little boy who’s bumped his head on a wall, beating the wall? After the wall is beaten it’s still there. But what you can do is to look at the wall and say ‘Sorry I should have taken care not to bump my head on you.’ 

Anger comes because you are frustrated you can’t change, and things are always bumping against you and you don’t want those things to happen to you. Stand outside it. Don’t be involved in it emotionally. Then you can change it.

I’ll give you a remedy for it. If you are isolated in a room scream at me! Instead of screaming at anybody, or being angry, you scream at me and before long you will be laughing.

Devotee: Will you scream back?

Guru: No no, he’s suddenly seen himself in the mirror of the door, or place, and it would look terribly funny.

Look at life with clarity

See the funny side of life. I beg of you because more and more people become so serious. They think the world is collapsed when the solution is very simple, and the solution is there for you to see when you step outside the problem and you’re detached.

That detachment enables you to be freed of emotion, and be able to look with clarity. That is why people come to see us and to have a second opinion about the problem because we are outside of the emotions that you have got. To be able to look at things more with clarity rather than with the emotional side of life.

Rather than being a mind-bender, we are nothing but a mirror.

To show you how you are, and the way you should go.

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