Guru meets Native American Indian Chiefs

Guru: There is an energy in each mountain that you can recognise, as in every human being there’s a power, and when you are one with the Divine it is like a call of courtesy from the mountains and the rivers, who come to say, “Hello!” to you.

When I was also in Yosemite, visiting various places, we visited another place in the mountains. Beautiful rock formations! I’ve never seen anything like it before!

Swami: Lovely lake.

Guru: Lovely lake. I was walking through that place and there, surrounding me, were all the old, ancient Indian chiefs to greet me. They were very concerned [about] what was happening in the country.

Swami: To their land. This was their ancestral land.

Guru: They were very concerned [about] what was happening in their land.

Swami: They never let go. Still, they are protecting it.

Sr. Maria: Did you see it as well, Swami? 

Swami: In the evening, it was a very strong experience.

Guru: Very amazing experience.

Devotee: They came in their astral forms?

Guru: When I was walking I could see them all. They were talking to me. That is our job to go to places and revitalise the energy. To give them an assurance that we have not forgotten them, and that the Divine is very much there to help them in revitalising their power and is supportive of their work.

Sr. Maria: So you could somehow bless them as well?

Guru: Oh yes. I have never forgotten them. I always pray for them, so that they will be successful.

The natural power of mountains

Devotee: Do you feel there are different energies from one mountain to another?

Guru: Yeah. As human beings – some are young; some are novices; some have been used for various purposes. But the ones that are really inaccessible are covered – (aside to Swami) when we were walking you remember in that beautiful place – by all the millions of particles of snow [that are] glistening. They were more brilliant than all the diamonds around the necks of beautiful ladies. 

Glistening! Every particle is a power. Minute! Thousands! And you say, “My goodness! What a lot people miss when they can’t be with this nature!” All of it is the elements – every minute facet of those particles. 

I looked out of the window and saw the snow outside and I thought how lucky you all are!

How wonderful to see the power and energy that surrounds you in your life. Yeah! That power helps us to begin to live – revitalising us. If only we could go and learn to and absorb that energy and power!

Devotee: But there is so much commercialisation now – in the Alps – and I think it’s a very dangerous situation we have.

Guru: Yeah. This is happening everywhere. Everywhere. You go to India; you go to every part of the world. There’s commercialisation of all the mountains, and the beauty, and the energy that exists. Pollution is one of the biggest problems in the world.

Devotee: Do the different seas have different vibrations too?

Guru: Yes. Yes. But the sad thing about the seas as well – they’re being polluted. Can you imagine the pollution that is taking place in the Gulf now? Oh, it’s sacrilege! It’s a terrible crime against all of creation. All of creation. This is madness – total and absolute madness. Terrible.

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