The shift in human consciousness – (Bern, April 1992)

There is great awareness in human beings. We realise that we must change our whole attitude to life, and the environment in which we live. If we are not ecology-conscious, and if the food we eat and the resources we have got are not…

Master your senses – (Bern, April 1992)

It is my job to make sure you have the power inside you to say, "No." That is very important. If I don't do that somebody else is going to do it for you. So I will make it my business from time to time. I'll give you a little bit of a…

What is unconditional love? – (Bern, February 1991)

Love is compassion; love is understanding; love is forgiveness; love is to integrate — to become one — and without that love, nothing else functions.

Disarming anger with love – (Bern, September 1991)

Love is a most powerful weapon. You have got a weapon that is more powerful than a gun. You can disarm people with love.

Becoming spiritually mature – (Bern, September 1991)

When you grow up, you throw away the things that you played with as a child. What matters then as you advance spiritually is that all the things that other people are attached to, you will soon push away. You think, “They are not for me.…

Can we progress when we feel sceptical about spirituality? – (Bern, September 1991)

I promise you anything that I have said in this room, I have applied, and I have experienced Divinity. I know what I am talking about, it is not what somebody else has handed to me on a plate.

How to deal with the loss of a parent – (Bern, September 1991)

On the anniversary of their birthday, not their death, go to a church or a temple or place and put some flowers and say, "Thank you, this is in remembrance of you. May God grant you peace so you live on in the grace of God."

What is Christ consciousness? – (Bern, September 1991)

Christ was forgiveness; Christ was understanding; To be a Christian is not to accuse another person of being something that you are as well. To realise that every human being has an opportunity to be liberated, in Christ. For liberation…

The importance of tolerance and understanding – (Bern, September 1991)

You have to teach people from an early age when they are little children growing up, that there's a duality in them so sometimes one aspect of that duality will make more demands than the other.