Making time for your children – (Bern, April 1992)

If you start a family and you have little children then spend time with them and give them love. Love is not just ‘throwing’ every item that you can imagine at the child. No,…

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Letting go of book knowledge – (Bern, April 1992)

You are in a period of evolution where you have to rely on books to help you on your journey, but I'm saying don't rely on books. If you constantly rely on books you will never…

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Why should we identify with the Divine? – (Bern, April 1992)

Identify yourself all the time with divine consciousness and you will forget your human nature. You forget ultimately that you have a body and are separate from God. For God then…

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How different vibrations affect us – (Bern, April 1992)

The more you purify yourself, the more powerful your aura is. The more powerful your aura is the more the Divine wants to interact with you. This is what a person has to master. 

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Be Divine! – (Bern, April 1992)

Don't spend time feeding negative thoughts. The more you think and feed on negativity, the more power you give to the negative. Be positive. Be positive all the time. Say, "Okay,…

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How to give end of life care to others – (Bern, April 1992)

If we have love for God and all of life we must serve life at every level; this is an important part of spiritual development. If you don't do that I’ll tell you what will happen.…

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Love and positivity – (Bern, April 1992)

If you can qualify all your actions with one simple thought - I want to do it with a lot of love - then you will never hurt or injure another human being.

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Can we overcome our karma? – (Bern, April 1992)

Karma controls your life. If karma controls your life, you may well ask me, “Where is free will?” Free will means you can choose between that which is positive or negative.

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Should we allow abortion on the grounds of disability? – (Bern, April 1992)

There are many conflicts in the minds of people and I don't simplify this problem. Nor is it easy for parents who haven't got the funds to deal with the problem. But more than…

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The conciousness of a master – (Bern, April 1992)

You don't see God, I can see God. There is the big difference. When I was a young boy, I assumed that everybody could see God and talk to God. It was an amazing thing and I…

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