How can we love ourselves? – (Bern, April 1992)

I find it very, very interesting when people try to pretend that they are good. Don't do that. Be yourself. The secret of life is learning to be yourself. Have the power and…

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How different vibrations affect us – (Bern, April 1992)

We pick up a lot of impulses in our lives without our consent. You listen to the radio, watch the television, and watch what is happening in the outside world. All of these…

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Master your senses – (Bern, April 1992)

It is my job to make sure you have the power inside you to say, "No." That is very important. If I don't do that somebody else is going to do it for you. So I will make it my…

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Living in the consciousness of impermanence – (Bern, April 1992)

We must have a consciousness, a mindfulness that in this 'Tandava', this dance of creation, everything is changing.

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