What is Christ consciousness?

Devotee: Guruji, could you explain to us something about ‘Christ consciousness’. Paramahamsa Yogananda talked a lot about that and I read it in a lot of books. What does that mean for us?

Guru: As you can see I have not once talked about changing your beliefs. I have always sustained you in your thinking to follow the way of spirituality that you have been brought up with, for it is also a facet of the Divine.

What I would say to you is, don’t be governed by dogma but follow the way of Christ. [Follow] the way of his life, the example that he gave to mankind. That is Christ consciousness for me. One of the most amazing things about Christ is his immense love; his love for mankind.

People believe, and they are right to believe because the church has taught them so, that if you believe in Christ you will be liberated.

Live your life with compassion and love
But that’s big nonsense to believe. Just believing is not enough. Applying your belief in your life is very important. The compassion and love of Christ must be displayed in the way you live – that is Christ consciousness.

Christ was forgiveness; Christ was understanding; To be a Christian is not to accuse another person of being something that you are as well. To realise that every human being has an opportunity to be liberated, in Christ. For liberation means that you have begun to change your lifestyle, to absorb the energies of Christ, to make your heart the temple of Christ.

It is not just for the human being to say I have been born again and now I am liberated. When people use the term ‘born again’ Christian, I immediately dwell into their hearts and ask myself – have you discovered your love, your divine love, your selfless love? Have you discovered the compassion, understanding, and forgiveness that Christ is, within you? These are the qualities of Christ.

If I can [now] take your mind to Christ. When they wanted to stone a woman who was accused of behaving badly, Christ looked at those people and said, “Yes, you can cast the first stone against this woman if you yourself have not committed a sin.” They dropped the stones and walked away.

Develop your higher consciousness
These are the examples I want you to take from Christ’s life. To be resurrected within yourself again and again, from the depths of the lower nature to the higher consciousness that exists within you.

Christ lives in each and every one of us [when we] discover his sweetness and gentleness.

Can you see him in the Garden of Gethsemane, praying to the Father, and saying to the Father, “Is it possible that this immense responsibility that has been put upon me can be lifted so that life would become easier?” Then you suddenly discover that responsibility is that which makes up your personality. Through that experience, hardship, and difficulty, your higher nature will be discovered by you.

It was in the Garden of Gethsemane where he had trusted his disciples to pray that this moment of terrible action would be made easier for him. They were so tired and weary they fell asleep again and again, only to be reminded by Christ, “This is the hour that is the most important for all of us. Stay awake and pray that you will be liberated.”

Then again I take you to the Garden of Gethsemane because these are examples that I can give you [of his] tolerance, compassion, and forgiveness. He said, “You raise your sword and by the sword, you will perish.” We have seen that happen [in the world] not once, but many, many times. The sword you live by you will also perish by because your love and compassion will fail.

These are the attributes of Christ.

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