How different vibrations affect us – (Bern, April 1992)

We pick up a lot of impulses in our lives without our consent. You listen to the radio, watch the television, and watch what is happening in the outside world. All of these vibrations enter our being.

How to deal with experiences in meditation – (Bern, February 1991)

Bliss is love. When you really experience bliss you forget to control your senses. The inhibitions of the human being are of no use when you are in the presence of the Lord. You cry and you cry and you cry. They are called tears of bliss.…

How to pray – (Bern, February 1991)

Prayer must come from your heart, not from your lips. From all that format of formality, we have to change it to the feeling of the rapport of love.

The sadhanas of japa mantra, meditation & pranayama – (Bern, February 1991)

God is Love. Love is God. You will transform all your [lower] natures until you know love. Love is what you must aim to reach out to get, for it is compassion. It is understanding. It is forgiveness. It changes your whole nature to become…

Mantras & ‘Om’ – (Kiental May 1990)

If you think you have a problem in your body, chant 'Om'. And make it resonate in every single cell of your being. Bring that consciousness to the top of your head and go and identify yourself with the totality of Maha Shakti.