Can we overcome our karma? – (Bern, April 1992)

Karma controls your life. If karma controls your life, you may well ask me, “Where is free will?” Free will means you can choose between that which is positive or negative.

Is illness always karmic? – (Bern, September 1991)

What is that? It’s cause and effect. Somewhere down the line of birth and death, you have picked up this karma - something positive, or something negative. From birth to this consciousness, we have created karma both positive and negative.…

How to deal with the loss of a parent – (Bern, September 1991)

On the anniversary of their birthday, not their death, go to a church or a temple or place and put some flowers and say, "Thank you, this is in remembrance of you. May God grant you peace so you live on in the grace of God."

Treating animals as sacred – (Bern, September 1991)

When you have an animal or anything that is suffering say, “Come I will look after you.” Don't put yourself before an animal or life that is sacred. All life is sacred. When you begin to think like that, then you open the window of your…

Accepting suffering – (Kiental May 1990)

If there was an easy solution to karma then Christ would not have come to earth and suffered death upon the cross. Whenever I see something that is intolerable for man, I give thanks to God that we have the opportunity to pay our karma,…