Can we overcome our karma? – (Bern, April 1992)

Karma controls your life. If karma controls your life, you may well ask me, “Where is free will?” Free will means you can choose between that which is positive or negative.

Should we allow abortion on the grounds of disability? – (Bern, April 1992)

There are many conflicts in the minds of people and I don't simplify this problem. Nor is it easy for parents who haven't got the funds to deal with the problem. But more than funds we need opportunities, and to think about how we are…

What is an aura and what creates it? – (Bern, February 1991)

Where you have power, where you have discipline, your aura becomes golden. The opportunity for a person to advance spiritually is there when you have disciplined yourself and your aura is golden. 

What is real healing? – (Bern, September 1991)

If a person has a real problem physically and you want to help that person and say, “I want to heal you”, that means you want to share your karma with them. I want to take that karma from you and wear it, and if possible with the grace of…

Is illness always karmic? – (Bern, September 1991)

What is that? It’s cause and effect. Somewhere down the line of birth and death, you have picked up this karma - something positive, or something negative. From birth to this consciousness, we have created karma both positive and negative.…