The visionary eye

Guru: Now you have meditated, you must be able to tell me what your problems are.

Question: Sometimes we don’t see any more with the third eye. It is just being.

Guru: Being and experiencing what you can see with that visionary eye. Because the world is surrounded by impulses, and those impulses (when your mind becomes a receiving station) will register those impulses. You translate that in your visionary eye and you could see them very clearly. That is why I say to people: ‘If you are going to meditate, and reach out and gain some experience, stop what you are doing and let your mind calm down quietly – before you start on a spiritual experience’.

Contemplation before meditation

If not, what will happen is that you will replay whatever you have been doing. Because it is unnatural for you to think otherwise, purely and simply. Supposing you are walking down the street and you see so many things happening – as soon as you sit down those things that have drawn attention to your mind will begin to replay again. And so you may well think that is a tremendous thing that is happening to you. It isn’t – what is happening is that there is the replay of the vibrations have been picked up by your mind’s eye.

That is how advertising on television works. You don’t realise when you are watching the adverts on television that your mind is absorbing those adverts and taking directives from the people who are advertising. And one fine day when you are in a shop, and you are going to make a purchase, then that very thought that you heard is now playing a game with you – giving you directions what to purchase and how to purchase.

That is also the way politicians work. When they come on television and say certain things to you – at the moment you may think that you are not listening, that this is going over your head. But it is actually registering in your subconscious mind. And at any given moment the replay will begin and you will, without you understanding, begin to react and respond to the information that has been fed through your mind – for you to respond to whatever goods, or mannerisms, or material requirements that may wish to purchase.

Question: But sometimes the focus is much wider, with all the senses – not only with the vision.

Guru: Yes, but you must try to lift your consciousness to that point.

Don’t allow your consciousness to be lower than your heart chakra. That is the level that you don’t want to go below. Because when you go into the lower chakras that means your sense objects are making demands on you. Lift all the time your consciousness to the heart chakra, and to the head chakra, and to the thousand petal lotus of your mind.

The more you do that then you will see that you are going to dominate your lower chakras. More and more and take control of them. There is a tendency for people to experience that all the other senses say: ‘What about me, why have you forgotten me? I need also to be expressed.’ And so slowly lift that consciousness to the visionary eye.

If a person wants to evolve spiritually, there is one thing he has to make sure: He or she should try to develop the consciousness about the heart chakra. The heart chakra is the level where you want to associate with life, as much as you can. But when it comes to the lower echelons; the stomach and the sensual organs, then you enter into a different drama completely.

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