Guru: Divine friends, we have an instrument in the form of a physical being. That instrument has to function at its best, heightened in consciousness. That is why we emphasise and try to infuse into the minds of bhaktas that they must eat sattvic food and not rajasic food. Now – a lot of people say it doesn’t matter what you eat, it doesn’t matter what you drink.

Ok – but it does matter. If you understand the type of food you put in – supposing it is meat, fish, eggs, wine – don’t stop because I am telling you, but just pause for a moment and be analytical inside you and say “Now, how do I feel inside me?”

And if you are really honest with yourself, you will feel that if you have eaten meat and heavy food that the digestive system does not assimilate the meat easily. If you want to calm your senses you must make sure that you are the best judge what is going inside you. You are going to put things inside you that will calm you, not stoke you like an engine going up the hill! You put all the fire and expect nothing to happen? Surprise, surprise!

Become mindful of your diet

I am not trying to develop a guilt consciousness inside you but I want you to understand every cause and effect you have set in motion – which is either an enhancement or a hindrance for you spiritually. You judge – you say to yourself “Gosh I ate that, that stirred my emotions up, I was angry so easily, why?”

Answer those questions: I did so and so, I went and drank and ate – yes. What I normally tell my devotees, is, if you are going to the pub take the Divine Mother with you. And let Her share some of that drink you are going to have. And then you will understand what it is like. You have a choice between the Divine Mother bottled spirit or the real one.

Moderation – the middle path is what I prescribe for all of you. Not extremes. Extremes are for mad Gurus and Swamis and Yogis. Extremes because we have chosen those extreme ways to enter to Divine consciousness and we are there involved in. But you are living in the world. I appreciate this very much. I appreciate the pressures on you, your families and relations who are eating all sorts of things and drinks and making all sorts of things and you are invited to participate in them. So find moderation! Find a level that you choose which will be no extreme, which will help for your own spiritual path.

A lot of people, when they drink a lot, they take Alka-Seltzer the next morning because they have got a bad head. Don’t let it happen to you, you don’t need that but at the same time have moderation instead of the Alka-Seltzer. I didn’t say don’t use wine to cook.

Question: Guruji, you say “Try to be truthful” and on the other hand you say “Try to say I love, I love, I love.” But sometimes I just hate, and then this is the truth.

Guru: Now – I tell you a good cure for that hate. Stand in front of a mirror look at yourself hating and ask yourself whether you like it. Then the vibration of hate that you have set in motion, you will soon change. The damage you do to the person or persons you hate is far less than the damage you do to yourself. And for that reason I say to you: don’t waste your time, it is not worth it. Send me some of that hate, I will wrap it up and float it down the river.

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