Emotional attachment

Question: You said that it is not possible to meditate as long as there are undigested thoughts. But my head is full of undigested thoughts.

Guru: I know, I know exactly the whole background of your mind. Now let me explain it in the nicest way without making your feelings public: Remember attachment and fear cause you to continue to have those indigested thoughts. Though you may say that you are detached from things you are not detached. You are emotionally tied up inside you and that stops you from letting go. Just regard yourself as an impermanent volume of energy. At any minute we can leave and go. So what is the purpose of this emotional attachment?

What you have to learn to do is to master that emotional attachment – that is what everybody here has to do with himself or herself. Whilst you have love, know that that love must be governed by the head. If not, the emotional side of the heart dominates the head. The head must control the heart.

If I did not say that to you, you will say to me: ‘But how can I now have a relationship with other human beings? Because I have to have that love physically’. Of course, have that physical attachment but you cannot possess anybody. I can’t possess anyone of you, you are free! And at any given moment the person whom you thought is yours, a mother or a father, you will have to let go. And then you hear the mother and father say ‘my child’.

Family relationships

No, it is not your child – you come to ten and twelve, the little bird is just about to fly out of its nest. And the mother says: ‘But that is my baby!’ Yes, the mother is entitled to say ‘my baby’ purely and simply because she carried that child for nine months and knows the anguish and pain and love that is in that child. But the wise mother and the wise father will help the child to grow and fly out of the nest with every assistance that you can give. That wisdom is necessary.

There comes a time where you find that there is a lack of interaction between two human beings, that there is no common ground that the two people can be together. Then you must have the courage to say: ‘Come on – let us in the nicest possible way – go our own way with love’. That is how you can master the senses. Don’t bear hate. Don’t bear malice or ill will to anybody for anything they do. For we are the architects of both pain and displeasure. If you are unhappy about a set of circumstances, it is you who are going to change the vibrations in your being.

It won’t affect me if I refused to accept that vibration. I will smile and walk away and say: ‘Happy Christmas!’ Have that courage within yourself to say: ‘I am not going to allow the aura that I possess to be interfered by anybody’. Be free; free yourself from the bondage of attachment. That is my advice to you. The senses will always demand.

Be mindful of your senses. The more you are mindful of your senses you will develop greater perception, you will know what is going to happen around you and you are the master of your ship. You must be the master of your ship if you are going to advance spiritually. Because then you can steer the ship to calmer waters. You can steer the ship in the direction you want rather then it bouncing in the ocean of Samsara, where it will end up on the rocks.

We are able to control it. Except that we don’t wish to allow ourselves that luxury of mastering our lower nature and our senses.

Reply: But the more I try that, the more it comes.

Guru: But when you are with me in Skanda Vale you free yourself. So my advice to you is: come and live with me. Very simple remedy. We will turn Skanda Vale into a little Swiss village.

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