The Divine Mother

Guru: All these things you will realise as you advance spiritually. Between my last incarnation and this birth was nine years. Nine years the Divine played, and on the birth of this incarnation and for nine years after that I was waiting for the power of the Divine to come into me. I always felt incomplete inside me. And that was the time when parents were able to say things to me. And after those nine years, I was totally intolerable.

I was a Swami in Sri Ramakrishna’s group; as Swami Brahmananda. And as Swami Brahmananda I had this incredible consciousness of Krishna in me, and at the same time, I brought that same consciousness with me now. I do not believe about Krishna – I know Krishna. If you read the life of Brahmananda you will read the life of Guru Subramanium now. No different.

Except with a difference: Having brought that grace of the Divine into this incarnation, I never was in this incarnation a worshiper of the Divine Mother. I was the worshiper of God – the Lord, Lord Subramanium. I lived, I ate, I drank for the Lord. Until people used to ask me ‘Why don’t you worship the Divine Mother?’ I said ‘I never have been involved in this aspect’. Until the devotees sent me a small image of the Divine Mother, and in my meditation, I was shown that the Divine Mother was going to come to me.

You can understand how even Gurus can be pig-headed! As soon as the image came by post, I stood outside the door, opened the box and I called Swami and I said ‘Come, I’ll drive you to the river. I am going to throw this image into the centre of the river’. That is the extent of peoples prejudices – that is the extent of people’s own feeling that ‘I know it all’ and nobody else. Because you have such a love for the male aspect of God, you forget the female, until the Divine Mother started appearing to me.

The arrival of Divine Mother at Skanda Vale

There is a long drive from my house, and there is a bend before you go down from the temple to the valley. From that point, from the bend to my house, the Divine Mother used to follow me on the tiger every day for three weeks. And I told Swami ‘I can see the Divine Mother riding a tiger. I don’t know what She wants from me because I am not one of Her devotees’.

If you think you are sceptical and unwilling to accept anything you can understand me! Until one night, after three weeks as I was meditating I thought ‘Funny… Swami will not come and sit on my bed?’ Because I could feel the whole bed going down. And then I was so weary I thought ‘Now, what is going to happen?’

She swung around and put Her knee on my back. She wasn’t very wrong… She thought ‘This buffalo needs only shock-treatment nothing else’. My whole body was just vibrating and vibrating and vibrating… I was up in the air not on my bed.

And then I said to myself looking at my shrine ‘Who are you? What do you want out of me? I would love to see you’. And I could hear the shrieks of laughter from Her and She came round shaking Her head. Her hair was so wide; shaking Her head, She thrust Her head of hair into my face. And all the hair-like tentacles wrapped around me.

Still, I did not see Her face. So I said ‘I don’t know you!’ And She turned around laughing, yet laughing; She was an old lady. Very old with a lot of lines and very severe. And whilst I was looking at Her, Her whole face was changing to become the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.

Up to that time, all the pictures and images that I have seen of God, Divine Mother and God manifesting – with so many arms and hands was just a figment of my own imagination and the artists. But I saw all the weaponry, all the power and the radiance of many suns in the countenance of this Lady.

From that moment my plea to Her was ‘Humanity does not believe you exist. They think it is a figment of our imagination when you come. Give us your Shakti, your energy, give us your experience so that humanity can live and evolve spiritually in your consciousness’.

Maha Shakti

Within four, five years my plea has been answered. She has come, disintegrated my body (and possibly put it upside down together!) But She has created great power – She handed to me power to give you. If you think that this has happened just once or twice you are wrong. It has been a continuous drama for the last five years.

And if you think that I am the only person who experiences… when I told Swami what had happened he said to me ‘I don’t think She will come to me’. I said ‘How do you know? You ask Her’. And the only way I could tell Swami was ‘Come and sleep beside my bed’. And so he brought his mattress and put it beside my bed.

He has not left there for five years. And he told me last night ‘I feel terribly sleeping in that room by myself’. So I very casually asked Swami ‘Why?’ He replied ‘Because your shrine is there and I feel terrible not sleeping by the shrine. For the Divine Mother always comes’.

She has an incredible sense of humour. She comes from me to Swami. Swami jumps one bit, I jump and then She goes back and Swami sits down. Then She comes back to me. So we are up and down like a bouncing ball. Swami is terrified of spears and swords, and that is exactly what She does to him; She brings the spear and brings it through him like that… and there is Swami terrified. And I can promise you if anybody says they are not frightened, including me, don’t believe him.

As I hear Her come, rigour mortis sets in my body. I freeze, waiting what She is going to do with me next. So I allow some part of it to permeate into your lives as well. She is having fun – I am also having fun.

Divine friends, this is real. This is real and I want you to experience it. This is not an exclusive club for Gurus and Swamis. Talk to Her. Talk and explain your life to Her as I am talking with you. Have Her as your partner in life and your partnership of spiritual evolution.

There is only one facet of you She wants, to start Her coming to you and that is love. Love the Lord thy God in all of life, all of creation! And wrap everything with love. If you have that love whatever you do, nevermind; She understands, She will forgive you and She will help you on your spiritual journey.

Have confidence in yourself. Spend time in association with you and God, the Divine Mother. Get Her Shakti, don’t be afraid. After all, if She does come to you and you have a shock – you can only die! That is what I say to myself every time She comes.

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