Attachment to possessions

Guru: Divine friends, supposing all of us here had one desire to have possessions in our lives. And there is one item that you love very much – my gosh you wouldn’t give it to anybody. You don’t wish to share it with anybody, you possess it and you say to yourself: ‘Gosh I won’t part with this item whatever happens’. And the person dies. Where do you think the person is going to come first to? To that very object that he was obsessed about.

That is why we say to people: Have all the beautiful things and enjoy them, but don’t hang on to them. One day you have to let go. And so begin to let go now, before it is too late – so that the person is free at any given moment to say: ‘Ok, now it is over and somebody else is going to take possession of this item’. Somebody else who may not put the same value that you put to that item, that you thought was the most important thing in your life.

You will soon find that you have to be the silent witness – watching somebody else dispersing the very goods you collected in your life. I see that happen in the lives of many people. But I want you, in this time of meditation and contemplation, to master that.

Free yourself! I am not asking you to give anything up, except to put it in its right context and value. So that you will be able to use all the resources that you have got wisely for your own spiritual advancement. That is what liberation is about.

All are vibrations. What we have to set in motion is a vibration of harmony – harmony throughout all our lives. And those impulses that you generate in your life are not just forming a clean pure aura around you, but also they permeate and penetrate into the fabric of your home and life. The more power, spiritual power, you gain for yourself (instead of having just a small aura around the individual that is dull, blue-black, grey in colours, turquoise) you expand and become light. So that you can, even when you are travelling about in a bus or in a car or anywhere you want, you can encompass all the world that you want.

The light, the Divine light that shines from your heart is full of love. That Divine light that emanates from yourself will be a healer, a consoler. The Divine light that comes from you then will be full of brightness – golden. I want you to generate that golden quality in your life.

If not, the area of consciousness that you have developed will be about no more than a foot in length either way. Muggy, heavy. And that is our job – when I look at people and I say to myself: ‘Where is your love?’

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