We are always connected

Devotee: I love to hear your words, and sometimes I think it is a very high level of spirituality that you are talking about. [When I am here with you] I think it could be possible [for me to practice and so on] but if I look back at my life I feel like I am a little mosquito. Sometimes it really is a problem to understand what you are saying and to practice a little bit of that at home. It is always the same question, I know, but…

Guru: No, you know, I often think about that and I ask the Lord if he could make a few models of myself so that people can carry me in their pockets! We could call it a pocket edition with the capacity to slowly pinch the person from time to time and say, “You are going the wrong way. Turn left instead of right.” I wish I could do that. But accessibility is very important. Dialogue is very important. 

That is why I say to you and all the people whom I know from Switzerland and many, many parts of Europe that I want to travel to. I want to be with people because whilst you are sitting here you must remember I am also playing another game with you. I am energising you with the grace of the Divine. I am changing your whole outlook in life without you even knowing it. I am slowly removing the obstacles that you have in your lifestyle – and that is my job. It’s not about what I say. What I am up to is another matter!

Devotee: We feel this Guru and we can understand it. Sometimes we have to come to Skanda Vale again to recharge but can we also phone you?

Guru: You can phone me, you can always approach me, you can talk to me or you can send me a letter. It’s better still to sit down quietly and say, “Guru, where are you? Help.”

There is no separation

You are connected with me, you are connected with each and every one of us in this room through your divine form. The ‘paramatma’ links us together, nothing separates us, we are one. There is no difference, no way. Only the physical separates us, and when you transcend that then we have the ability to come in contact and harmony with each other. That is the grace that the Lord has given us.

We must discover it and I must make you stand on your own feet.

Only through the difficulties that you are going through in life, will you master your lower nature. You must go through those difficulties and I must help you to stand on your own feet and not lean on me.

One day I am going to die. I always remind the brothers in the monastery, “I’m going to die, I am not eternal. When I die I don’t want to leave a big gap so that you are going to be alone. I want you to stand on your feet now, not tomorrow. Now.” I want you to stand on your feet now. Have confidence within yourself. You have the capacity and the ability to do exactly what I do and more by being able to link yourself, plug yourself into that divine consciousness. You have to discover that ability. That is what it is all about.

Devotee: Something helps me sometimes and I would like to share that. When I think of you in a problematic situation, for instance sitting in front of a dying person, then I ask “What shall I do?”

Guru: Stop there and I’ll answer that first part of the question. When you think of me you are thinking of the physical body in me. You are not thinking of the divine energy within me. That is why you think like that. You immediately trigger that divine consciousness within me and that divinity within me comes to the assistance of you and that person.

People say they think of Sai Baba, I think of Guru Subramanium, I think of Ganapati Satchidananda, Swami Premananda, all the yogis, and whoever. They are the form but within that form is the divinity. So you can call the divinity without even referring to me.

Devotee: I think so. The body must have form and through this form, you discover [the divine]. It can help in this situation.

Guru: Okay. But I must also make it my business for you to shift a little bit in the other direction. Turn to God. Turn to God, it is very important.

Devotee: But can we use an aspect, a divine aspect similar to a teacher? If we have an experience of a teacher and I think he is a manifestation of this aspect.

Guru: Yes.

Devotee: Do we have pictures so that we can imagine God better? Why do we chat to pictures and pray?

Guru: If you can find a stone that gives you a feeling of satisfaction then use it. It is for you to distract your mind away from the world of illusion. That is what it is all about. That is a reservoir.

A reservoir is a place, picture, temple, or a corner in your house that you have specially kept where no outside vibration comes and it is a place for you to meditate and find yourself. Yes. There are thousands and thousands of images, pictures, and forms. There is also formlessness, and if anything would stimulate your appetite for spirituality use it.

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