Spiritual siddhis

Devotee: I think you have experience with spiritual healing. What do you think about healers who operate with their fingers without using a knife? Do you know the healer in the Philippines?

Guru: Yes.

Devotee: I saw a videotape of it. He removed a tumour from someone. But I can’t understand whether or not this is possible. Is it perhaps a trick? 

Guru: No, it is a possibility. It’s a possibility that the mind transcends the physical and that’s what he’s doing. He’s doing it with his mind and he’s able to do it. That is his grace; he’s received that grace and he can do that. It’s very difficult to put it in a form of analysis so that you can understand it.

For example, I can sit here and at the same time just do that and be somewhere else. People can’t understand that. I can see in detail what people are doing in Skanda Vale, whilst I am sitting here.

Once you have trained your mind like that, you can do so many things and that’s why I want to share my excitement with you and say, “Come on, sit with me and discover the power which exists within you.”

There are many facets to that work. People can materialise. Each siddhi is a special boon granted by the Lord for that individual and some [masters] can transport themselves from one place to another – and it’s the mind again – transporting from one place to another.

[There are two different ways of materialising objects.] One is to materialise something by collecting the energies of the mind and making those energies into what the mind wants. 

The other is to move an object from one place to another, and this is what most people do. Very rarely do they materialise in a real way. So, they can do that. I can understand it. I think it would be more difficult for modern doctors and scientists to understand it because they haven’t got the ability to comprehend that the mind has great abilities within. It’s a natural feeling inside the person to be able to do that. It’s a part of his evolution and ability. 

Devotee: Is God behind these people? 

Guru: Energy. Shakti. Divine people have the power to do that. 

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