If we are created from love how can we commit evil acts?

Devotee: The whole creation comes out of love; we are created from love and from God and we are coming from God. Why are we built in a way that we are able to commit evil acts, and where does evil come into the world? This is sometimes…

Guru: Puzzling?

Devotee: Difficult…

Guru: It’s not difficult at all. I will explain it to you. You have come from the lower nature of life. What is the lower nature of life? If I give you sufficient shakti you will revert back to being an animal. You will soon start growling and snarling, and it won’t take you very long to revert back to that old self. 

The impulsive nature leads to wrong actions

That lower nature is what you have evolved from and you are evolving all the time. 

When you see people being vicious and behaving in an uncivilised manner it’s not because they don’t have goodness in their hearts. It’s because they’ve allowed mindlessness to prevail over their intellect. Their intellect has not played a part and their impulsive nature has taken over.

So instead of judging them, you must want to help them on their journey because nobody is going to be the same way indefinitely. Our whole nature changes from one rhythm to another. You must be able to say to yourself, “I lost my temper. I see that, now why did I do that? I must control myself. I must become aware and mindful, and then I am will be in charge of my whole being. I become depressed, I’m unhappy, I want more. Why? I am the master. I am the person who is free.”

I’ll tell you something I’ve learned from coming together here, and seeing all of you. I would love you all to have a group that meets regularly so that you can share your feelings and have a human relationship. So that you have the ability to say, “Today is such and such a day, we can all go and have a nice [cup of tea together].” You can even forget about your meditation. The very fact that you can come together, have a cup of tea, laugh, joke, talk and even play some music.

That is therapy. That is therapy for loneliness, therapy for isolation. That is what I would love you to do. I’ve learned something from this trip and I am trying to say to myself, how can I organise this so that all of you can meet together regularly and come to share your life – which means Satsang – and interact with each other.

Getting together and sharing removes feelings of isolation and loneliness

This sharing is what is needed in this isolated world of yours. The more materially successful you are the more isolated you are mentally and physically. I would love you to think like that and it is left to you, to some powerful, energetic person like yourself, to say come on let’s meet, and let’s see how we can utilise ourselves.

Make it possible that we all get together and visit a place where [for example] children are suffering and see how we can spend a few hours together, and help them in their lives. I would love you to do that. Come together and have a cup of tea or coffee, bring together a few sweets or sandwiches, and say, “Come on, let’s share this and eat it.”

You’ll find it invaluable for yourselves. You won’t be alone, and that is what I would prefer for all of you, alright?

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