How can we love ourselves?

Guru: Don’t run yourself down. There is a greater Self embodied in you. What you see at the present moment is the self with all its sense objects that are making demands within you and you are finding it difficult to cope with. Sometimes you feel fed up [with yourself] but inside you, there is also a divine Self.

That divine Self is an extension of your vision, an extension of your hearing, an extension of your prana, an extension of your breath and your sound vibration, an extension of your hands, and all the energy within your body. Discover that. That extension, the extension of all the senses is the extension that gives you perception, your visionary eye.

To develop the visionary eye you need to discover the potential of all of your senses and that is, in itself, a spiritual journey. My advice to you is to try that out because it is very beneficial to you. Don’t run yourself down. A lot of people are preoccupied with running themselves down. Don’t do that.

Embrace positivity

You may not like the lifestyle that you are [currently living] but it is not going to be permanent, it is going to change. You have the ability to change.

But don’t spend time feeding negative thoughts. The more you think and feed on negativity, the more power you give to the negative. Be positive. Be positive all the time. Say, “Okay, I did this. Never mind. Now I have the power to change. I am divine.”

Wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, and don’t say, “Oh my God.” Don’t do that. Look at yourself in the mirror and say, “You are divine. In there is the embodiment of divinity and I, in this life, must discover that divinity within myself.” 

You might look at others and say, “Oh, that person is a holy man, but that other man isn’t holy.” Don’t worry about that. You must be divine. You must find that point of divinity.

I look at you with the amazing love that I have for you because you are divine.

You may think the world outside doesn’t like you. But I like you because you are divine. You are the embodiment of divinity.

You carry that divinity from one life cycle to another. The quicker you realise that the quicker will be the end of this passage of birth and death.

That is what meditation is about. Pain, anguish, suffering, all of these things will come to an end when the human being discovers and identifies himself with God. This is your discovery.

Don’t pretend to be holy

Don’t worry. You will, like many others, make many, many, many mistakes. If you don’t I’ll be very surprised. You are some superhuman being I am not. I have a lot of fun watching people try to pretend to be good. They look at me like a rare specimen of humanity that has dropped like a plum from heaven and they say, “Oh, he is a holy man.” With a lot of holes. I find it very, very interesting when people try to pretend that they are good. Don’t do that. Be yourself. The secret of life is learning to be yourself. Have the power and conviction that you can change. You will change, and you must change. That is what you are here for and you will succeed.

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