Developing sensitivity and awareness of everything you do

Devotee: Can you talk about contemplation?

Guru: Contemplation?

Devotee: Yes.

Guru: Awareness is contemplation. You must be sensitive and aware of everything you do. When you begin to yawn and it develops in your tummy, it registers in my brain and you will see me looking in your direction as if to say, “Are you tired? I will give you shakti from here.”

In other words, your mind must be alert and active all the time. I say to you again – when you sleep, sleep. When you eat, eat. When you work, work. When you play, play hard, never mind. When you laugh, laugh.

You must be aware of all you set in motion in your body and mind. You must be acutely alert then you will develop your senses more and more to register the impulses from around you.

Know the causes and effects that you set in motion

You must become aware of everything that is happening inside you first before you think of what is happening outside you. Perfection is what you want for yourself. Perfection means to make everything orderly within yourself. Know the causes and effects that you set in motion.

The [point] is to heighten your awareness [Guru greets someone who enters the room]. That awareness is heightened when you [for example] place your hand on your leg, then I know the reaction and the action that you are having in your body.

I can feel all your vibrations as I look around. If I want to transport some of my vibrations to you to give you shakti then I do that slowly and you don’t even realise I am doing that. I go ‘zhhh’ and slowly move my hand like that because in here there is a volume of energy and all my fingers are tingling with shakti and power.

Why not you? It is my job to awaken you from inside so that you also have power. But you have not discovered your power. You put your mind to sleep from the moment you were born and have very nicely tranquilised it.

My job is to wake you up and shake you like a tree full of fruit until the fruit drops from the tree. I shake it and shake it and shake it until every fruit drops. Okay? Mindfulness. Be aware. I can feel how you feel.

I can understand how you are. I can understand your innermost thoughts. I can understand what you want to aspire to ultimately and then help you on your spiritual journey.

This identifying means that I recognise your divinity and I also know what obstructs you from realising your own divinity. That is what a guru’s job is. A guru’s job is to find out what is stopping you from being your real Self, your divine Self.  

[Guru is offered a drink of some kind].

Guru: Is that laced with cognac? I’m very naughty, you must never take me too seriously. What to do? I was born naughty. 

Divine friends, I am going to give you a formula for life. And that formula for life, I want to tell you, is that we are in an impermanent state. Nothing is permanent. Don’t blow life out of all context to make it unreal. It is real. Live each moment with love. Fill the day with love. Live the day with love and end your day with love. End the day with so much love around you that you are very peaceful and content within yourself. 

Difficulties are also impermanent

If something disturbs you remember that it is only temporary and it depends on you. It depends on you, on how long you want to foster a difficulty within yourself.

We are all together now, but already it is over. Already it’s another dream and soon you will have to pinch yourself and say, “Did that man ever exist? Yes, or is it a dream?” But live that dream fully and aware. Each minute must be sanctified, made good.

Don’t calculate how you can work your way to absorb other people’s wealth or prosperity. You have power within yourself, use it. That is what you are here for in this life, to discover your divinity. That is my job. If you give me a chance I will creep inside you and slowly go ‘zzzz’ and stir it up for you.

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