Do we have the right to die?

Devotee: Do we have the right to die?

Guru: The right of dying? It’s a natural phenomenon.

Devotee: I have a child that is a year old. That child is ready to die but medicine keeps him alive. Do you understand? Through infusions. I think this is very sad; you take away the right of dying from the child.

Guru: Now let me put it the other way. If you are the baby, and you register the impulses of the nurses who are caring and loving, and if you receive the attention that is necessary for those few years of survival, would you say to the nurse, “Please switch me off because I want to die?”

Devotee: I would.

Guru: You won’t because inside you, you will have a feeling of wanting to survive. For various diseases such as MND, how has [research developed]? We’ve advanced. There is a possibility that somebody will make a discovery or somebody will find a medicine that will be helpful to that child. You think it’s a disadvantage.

We can pray to God to help others in both birth and death

I want every opportunity for every life. My advice to you when you see such a child is to go to the child, clasp your hands together, and say to the Divine Mother, “Mother, I can’t understand the totality of karma that this child is born with. Please help this child. I pray that you are the best judge of all this and that you will help to assist this child in birth and death.” That is the best solution to the problem. I have such cases that come to me.

I never give up. I never give up. I tug at the arms of the Divine Mother. I’ve had people who have been on a ventilator for three months and the doctors are just about to switch it off. Then they suddenly discover some mad guy in the hills of Wales who they think will come to the assistance of this individual. They come and say to me, “Guruji, can you save this person?” I say, “No, I can’t. I will only do one thing. I will go to the Divine Mother and ask her what we should do but I will obey her implicitly.”

If she tells me that this young man’s machine should be switched off, I’ll pass on a message to you to go and tell the doctor to switch it off and that’s that. But you must obey what I say. If you don’t, don’t ask me such a question. I send the person away and I say, “Come back in a few days and I will give you my answer.” Then I talk to the Divine. I say, “Please tell me what you want me to do with this patient.”

Faith in God’s will is imperative

I am not God. God gives me the answer and then – now this is the point – there is and has to be an amazing dedication of the people who believe in God. Mother would say, “In three days I will give life back to this boy.” But you will have a job to convince the doctors for three days to stop their hands from switching off that machine. [Imagine if] you go back to a doctor, a group of doctors, who have been looking after a patient for three months on a ventilator and say to them, “I want [you to keep the machine on for] three more days.” Just because some mad guru in the mountains says in three days he is going to come back to life. You try it.

Become spiritually mature

This is the play of the Divine. This play is the way human beings grow up spiritually and learn to surrender to God. I had the unenviable task of sitting there waiting to receive the reactions of the parents. They went back to the doctor and said, “Look, can you give us three more days because our guru says not to switch the machine off for another three days?” These three days were an amazing drama in their life; to learn to grow up spiritually, and to move the responsibility from themselves to God. Also, the inquisitiveness of doctors to know that they are not God but that God exists.

Each day passed, and on the third day, we suddenly saw a reaction in the eyes of the patient. Then the doctor sent a message saying, “That is not good enough. That’s a reaction from maintaining such a long period of treatment.” Then I had to go back again and again and again to the Divine. Each step that I took the patient slowly got better. So that is how your power and interaction with God also increases because this is the drama of spiritual evolution.

You’re working for somebody else, and working for God, and you have to convince people that that is the right thing. I’ll tell you when the most wonderful moment is; when the doctors suddenly realise that the impossible has happened.

I’ve seen how karma affects patients and I want to change it more and more. This is the joy you have working for God and not for your ego. It’s an amazing drama.

I’ve enacted this so many times that for me it is second nature because I can relate to God so easily. That is what our job is. We represent you and we are your council. You have a problem and we take that problem to the Divine but we must obey the will of the Lord.

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