Avoiding relationship patterns

Guru: I was nine years old when I knew the power I had, and how much knowledge I had. I had to face the ideas of my father who was the head of medicine. He wanted to make me a professional person as well.

That was the most difficult thing for us. If there was a battle going on anywhere in the world it was between me and him.  When he said “right turn”, I said, “left turn”. I said, “There’s no way am I going to put rubbish in my mind.”

You explain that to parents. Parents believe they know it. With all their love they want to do what they believe is in the interests of their child. Those are the things that sometimes recur in your mind and make you question why you had to have this battle, but this battle was necessary for you to grow up. 

Because of that battle, you have learned that you should not do battle when people try to do something good for you.

We can learn from the mistakes made in family relationships

What you should not do is enact that same feeling with your boyfriend. If the father-son or the father-daughter relationship didn’t work well, then it has some effect on the relationship of the husband and wife. They bring it into play. 

You must learn from that mistake, and say to yourself, “No, I will not allow that same relationship to develop with my boyfriend,” because it could happen. This feeling of, [Guru imitates aggression] “No, I know it.”

I had no girlfriend to develop that with, but I have a big family, so I have this ability to understand how they think and to understand this amazing relationship that I had with my father.  

I am able to understand through my family and friends, and the mischievous boys and girls that are growing up. I enjoy that interaction and I quietly get into the minds of the fathers and mothers and then say, “Now, come on. Cool down, don’t worry. They are alright.”

The past is beyond recovery, the present is at hand. I am very happy that you often think of all the good things and not the bad things.

This is what matters. Go and live on and give your relatives the love that they need from you. They understand now better than they did before, alright?

You can push the boundaries of your mind further and further. Don’t allow it to be in a small container but advance and expand the boundaries of your mind.

Every human being has got narrow concepts that they hold. Over the last three days, I have been pushing those boundaries for you; liberating your mind and your consciousness, giving you the experience that you are free to fly, and that you are the master of your ship. Nobody else is going to tell you what to do – be free.

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