Why should we identify with the Divine?

What is this Divine Self we are talking about? The Divine Self is the extension of your vision, identifying your vision with God. It is identifying your hearing with the vibration of the Divine, identifying sound, and vibration with God. It is identifying your love, the heart chakra, with God; identifying your hands and work with God; identifying your energy, the kundalini, with God. In other words, the way of life that you’re walking identifies with God. Then you lose your identity in identifying yourself with God and discover your divinity – your power. Hence, when people have identified themselves with God, God takes them over. You become a vehicle of the Lord. You become the chariot of the Lord, in the path of evolution. 

You become part of God-consciousness

You cease then to become a separate entity from God and a lot of people in the East will regard that individual as a God. This is often said of holy men and women, and in a sense it is right, but they have to caution themselves so that they don’t become egocentric, having identified themselves with God. They are not the totality of God but they are part of that God-consciousness.

You have to be very careful once you have recognised the divinity within yourself. You have total power – yes. You can do what you want – yes; but you have to be cautious not to exceed that boundary and become egocentric and say, ‘I am the greatest thing that ever happened.’

This is the caution I give to people when they start on a spiritual journey. They discover the potential within themselves, the divinity, the power. They discover how they’re wielding that power and projecting it to others, helping them to realise their divinity. With that realisation comes responsibility. That responsibility is not to misuse the power that you have discovered within yourself. It is my responsibility to show you by example as much as I can by projecting the divine consciousness to you. I cannot misuse it. I should not misuse it, and will not misuse it because all the time I say to you – God, God, God – I am secondary. 

The fragment of God-consciousness that exists in me is infinitesimally small in comparison to the whole of the universe and Shakti. I am sitting here having discovered that divinity, as you will do in your cycle of births and death, but always be warned – you must be cautious. You can’t say, ‘I am so powerful that I can be clumsy and vicious, and not command or control myself.’ 

That is the path of divine consciousness. You totally identify yourself with divinity, with God. Hence you have the power to use your eyes, and you will use them with compassion. You will use your eyes with love, you will use them to project the power and grace of God into the lives of others. You will use the power of hearing to hear the voice of God because you have ceased to be involved in the superficialities of life; you will hear the voice of discrimination and understand. You will hear that vibration that compels you to the totality of God, taking all of your life to God. You will hear that vibration, and that vibration is ‘jnana’. Jnana means wisdom. 

Wisdom [means] you are not controlled by the knowledge of books, but by universal knowledge. As you ask me a question, that wisdom reveals itself in my inner hearing and slowly it unfolds itself as I start talking to you and I hear it myself. I say, ‘Amazing, isn’t it?’ So, you are also amazed by the extent of your involvement with divinity. I want you to do that on this journey of excitement with spirituality. To extend and identify all of your senses [with God]. Learn to make utterances of great value, spiritual value, and great benefit to mankind. When you make utterances, it’s to harmonise. 

It is better that you love than to be loved. It is better that you give rather than receive. In that way, you identify yourself all the time with divine consciousness and you will forget your human nature. You forget ultimately that you have a body and are separate from God. For God then dwells within you. Your heart will beat with the compassion and love that you have identified with God. Forgiving, caring, helping, and establishing the link between God and yourself all the time. You forget ‘I’ and ‘mine’. There’s a universal consciousness in a human being as he progresses to help others discover this mystery that lies dormant in all of us.

I feel so excited when you question me and make me dwell deep in this divine consciousness to understand and also find out for myself what I’m telling you about God. That simple question that I was asked started another consciousness in my mind, to answer fully about divinity. About who you are, and what you must do to sustain that divinity, and forget your egocentric nature. 

You will pay more attention to your divinity when you find the power and extension of your real Self. In all of your senses, there’s power. There is that energy, that Shakti that you were referring to earlier. You have the power and you identify this power, this energy, with the power of God. In other words, there is an extension of the energy that you have inside you, which is also divine. You can then share this shakti with others. You’re able to say to people, ‘Come, I will give you a little bit of help – Shakti – of the divine.’ But first of all, you must have the power to go and give [your energy] to the Divine. Then you can get a boost for that energy, share it and carry it with you to others. That is what healing power is about.

Doctors start this journey in the ward rounds. When they go around the ward, they don’t realise that they are not themselves going around the ward in the physical, but also in the spiritual. They have a dual purpose – one is to heal the body and the second is to heal the mind that is hosted in that body. In other words, you possess the duality of being able whilst you’re working with your hands and all the facilities available to you to bring the grace of God and the power of God to humanity. This is the task, not of doctors, gurus, swamis and yogis, but you, yourselves. 

You have the power to bring that grace to people, to heal them.

Identify all of your senses with the divine. Look with the compassion of God upon humanity. Constantly identify yourself with the way God hears; listen with tolerance and amusement.

It is said that Lord Shiva in his meditation is immersed in the fun of Krishna. He’s so amused by the joy and fun of Krishna he doesn’t want to stop his contemplation and meditation, for he sees Krishna playing with the whole of creation. Be like that in the way you hear and see. Extend your vision so that you see the amusement of God in the drama of life. Don’t be critical, understand. Don’t be imposing, but be able to give of yourself with great flexibility to help an individual who’s on his journey to spiritual evolution. All is but an experience until you identify yourself totally with God.

Recognise your senses as part of God

Divine friends, rather than your senses being a burden in your life, they must become a great help to you and a great enhancement for you to advance through your experiences in life to discover and identify yourself totally with God. Then you will be free. Then you are not governed by cause and effect. Then you are separate from the opposites of happiness and sadness. Then you are free of birth and death. At every given moment you will live in divine consciousness. That is what liberation is about. A lot of people say to me, “Gosh, Guru, I can’t do this because that means I won’t have a personality.”

I start laughing – what is this personality? People come and talk about this personality to me. They say, “But I want to be angry and to be able to say no.” Good for you.  Keep on saying ‘No’, keep on getting angry. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself – where have you got to? 

Free yourself. Anger, hatred, viciousness, meanness, ruthlessness, and aggression are of no consequence. If you have such qualities, just bounce it to the Lord. Bounce it to the Lord and ask the Lord a question, “If you display the same anger I project now, what will you be doing to me and the world?” If I were to look at you with envy and greed as I do, what will you be doing to the world? You will be so worried. If you got the same answer that you are projecting to the world today. For that anger of the Lord was spoken about in the Old Testament, how he destroyed to recreate. Yes, the Old Testament is real. But we haven’t passed that age yet. We are going to repeat the period of the Old Testament for we have created such negativity in the world. 

We have become the architects of destruction – our destruction. Lacking discipline and orderliness, separating ourselves from the Lord we know. Realise the responsibility that is within us. You must say to yourself, “Enough’s enough. Let me change and identify myself more and more with God, so I have an enormous oneness with God.” This egocentric ‘I’ wants to hand it to the Lord and say, ‘This is your baby. You are mahamaya’. We always say to the Divine Mother –  you are ‘mahamaya.’ You are tinsel and trash as well. You dangle this tinsel and trash in the eyes of mankind, and say, “Here you are. This is what you want – I will confuse you no end until you discover your divinity.” That’s the drama and play of the Divine Mother. 

Divine friends, I want you to be wise about it. So that every time you are wrapped up in the world of illusion, Mahamaya, you say to the Divine Mother I don’t want this rubbish, I want to identify myself totally with you.

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