The nature of God is in the elements

The nature of God is in the elements. The personality of God is the elements. Nothing is separate from God, all the stars and planets are embodied in God. That is His nature and this vast power is changing, constantly moving and creating, for the nature of God is life. The nature of God’s personality is compassion and understanding, because He realises that is His nature and that is His drama, within Himself. All of life is evolving from the minutest cell which you cannot even see with your eye. Even the mountains and the stones are alive with power. Even that which you believe has no energy or you feel you’ve created [such as] this item here. All is a part of the embodiment of God. Every single aspect excluding none.

You cannot isolate God

That is why when people try to isolate God to a throne or a place up in heaven it is to me very amusing because not only are they doing it without knowledge, but they’re doing it for a sense of purpose so that they can work with any part of creation for their benefit, without the respect of the divine in that particular aspect of life.

The mountains, the rivers, the sun – everything is the nature of God. Then you see that embodied in God.

I look at the Lord sometimes when I’m praying and I feel amused. I say, “We are trying so hard to contain you in a formula that a human mind could understand – a human mind can comprehend the vastness and depth of you. So that we can be comfortable with an idea and a concept that this is what we believe God is.

Hence, artists created God sitting on a throne with a nice beard – the God in judgement, the God in creation, the God who’s preserving, the God who’s destroying, all of these and more is the personality of God.”

So in Sanatana Dharma we have gone to a great extent to describe the personality of God. You are male, you are female, you are a duality in every single human being. Some people more than others, all learning to cope with life. All is embodied in God. That personality of God is there, within yourself. Look at the cells that make up your life. Everyone is changing, multiplying and being destroyed or created. Take your liver for example, it’s not the same liver in six or seven weeks – it’s changed; the cells have also changed. Everything is changing. It is the same drama that is occurring throughout the whole world which is embodied in God.

But there is an orderliness and sense of direction, a sense of purpose for that human body, as much as the whole of creation. If you forget that this is a human body and this human body has mountains and valleys, suns and energies, and a solar complex that can draw energy from the universe. The whole strata of life and structure – a million suns is the diadem of pure…. a million suns radiating for the person who’s integrated with God merges with all of these facets.  

Everything is embodied in God

Hence – we are drawn, you are drawn, all of us are drawn to the mountains for they are the replica of the energy of God. They summon us, to refresh us, to strengthen us, for the mountains within us are identified with the mountains outside. The valleys and the rivers within us are identified with the totality of God consciousness in the whole universe.

Mars, Venus, Jupiter, all of the planets and molten lava, all are the nature of God, and are embodied in God.

That is why we say to the human being when he says, “I want to know God”, your mind will blow if you see God in that embodiment. Krishna revealed himself (to Arjuna) as Dashavatar and the embodiment of all of creation in him, which was too much for his beloved friend to entertain in his mind. Arjuna said, “My Lord, I prefer you as a human being as I knew you – as my friend.” Then you say to yourself, “Yes, it is daunting for you and yourself in this state of evolution to discover the totality of God.”

When you start on your spiritual journey you start to identify yourself with the power and grace of God to that extent. You are able to draw from the energies, for God is Mahashakti. Mahashakti means the energy of creation. Mahashakti is you, me and everything. Without that Shakti there is no spring; there is no life; there is no beginning. Do you think that this Mahashakti is only exclusive to this world, to this planet? No. That Mahashakti is in all the planets that you can see and beyond. It is omnipresent and omniscient. It is embodied in God and that Mahashakti is changing and will change the whole structure of the planets and the stars as they proceed. 

Man thinks that one day the world will come to an end. Which world are you talking about? Life exists in God. God’s power, and Shakti and life-force will start many planets, not just one. So you have this life-force that the person is so worried about losing. Who knows how many martians sit before me at the moment. You could be from Venus, you could be from any planet. And which of these ones are you going to be nationalistic about? 

You see, when you put it in the context of evolution – my goodness – I’ve already spent eight minutes talking and transporting your mind into that Divine consciousness. You see the power that you have and you identify yourself with that consciousness of universality of God within you. You are able to draw from that energy, that is the job we do. When I come to give you Shakti, I identify myself totally with Divine consciousness. I identify and bring that energy to you, transforming your whole being, so that you will be liberated in that consciousness of Divine Grace.

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